Canadian Nature Visions: Blog en-us Hans Toom (Canadian Nature Visions) Thu, 17 May 2018 15:44:00 GMT Thu, 17 May 2018 15:44:00 GMT Canadian Nature Visions: Blog 80 120 Surfing Common Eiders These Common Eiders were surfing into  Sandy Cove's beach, Halifax, an unusual activity for them. I snapped a few quick photos.

Surfing Common Eiders

Surfing Eiders 1Surfing Eiders 1 Surfing Eiders 2Surfing Eiders 2 Surfing Eiders 3Surfing Eiders 3 Surfing Eiders 4Surfing Eiders 4 Surfing Eiders 5Surfing Eiders 5 Surfing Eiders 6Surfing Eiders 6 Surfing Eiders 7Surfing Eiders 7 Surfing Eiders 8Surfing Eiders 8 Surfing Eiders 9Surfing Eiders 9 Surfing Eiders 10Surfing Eiders 10 Surfing Eiders 11Surfing Eiders 11 Surfing Eiders 12Surfing Eiders 12 Surfing Eiders 13Surfing Eiders 13 Surfing Eiders 14Surfing Eiders 14

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Cruise Ship Fram The Fram is a specialized ship designed for nature experiences in exotic and  cold locations. I snapped this photo(s) from my front window. I had a telephoto lens mounted so I was unable to capture the ship in one frame. This photo is four photos stitched together. It was leaving Halifax at the time. The other photos are the Fram entering Halifax harbour.


Fram 1Fram 1 Fram 2Fram 2 Fram 3Fram 3 Fram 4Fram 4 Fram 5Fram 5

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Duck Reef Loop at Duncan Reef, Nova Scotia A favorite walk and hike of mine is the Duck Reef loop at Duncan's Cove/Duncan Reef. Park your car at the Duncan's Cove parking area and proceed past the steel gate on the road leading up to the white monolith aka mansion at the top of the hill. This mansion was the location and building of the communications centre of the harbour defenses for Halifax during WW ll. Below the mansion and by the trail is the Champagne Dam the source of war time water.

Location and Route of the Duck Reef Trail

Duck Reef Hiking TrailDuck Reef Hiking Trail

The road is public access and proceeds through several waterfront lots, mostly undeveloped. At the top of the hill hill turn right for the clockwise loop or proceed along the barrens for the counterclockwise loop. The route is wet at times so be prepared.

Duck Reef Loop 1Duck Reef Loop 1 Duck Reef Loop 2Duck Reef Loop 2 Duck Reef Loop 3Duck Reef Loop 3 Duck Reef Loop 4Duck Reef Loop 4 Duck Reef Loop 5Duck Reef Loop 5 Duck Reef Loop 6Duck Reef Loop 6 Duck Reef Loop 7Duck Reef Loop 7 Duck Reef Loop 8Duck Reef Loop 8 Duck Reef Loop 9Duck Reef Loop 9

This is the trail sign you will meet on the counterclockwise loop. The barrens here host Whimbrels, Ruffed Grouse, coyotes and white-tailed deer. The wet areas provide habitat for nesting Lincoln's Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow and Palm Warbler.

Duck Reef Loop 10Duck Reef Loop 10 Duck Reef Loop 11Duck Reef Loop 11 Duck Reef Loop 12Duck Reef Loop 12 Duck Reef Loop 13Duck Reef Loop 13

This view is towards the coastal gun battery from WW ll, about the halfway point of the loop. At the gun battery proceed downhill towards the ocean, or soak up the spectacular view.

Duck Reef Loop 14Duck Reef Loop 14 Duck Reef Loop 15Duck Reef Loop 15 Duck Reef Loop 16Duck Reef Loop 16

Northern Redbelly Snake

Duck Reef Loop 17Duck Reef Loop 17 Duck Reef Loop 18Duck Reef Loop 18

The colorful interior of the gun implacements, and great shelter from thunder storms.

Duck Reef Loop 19Duck Reef Loop 19 Duck Reef Loop 20Duck Reef Loop 20 Duck Reef Loop 21Duck Reef Loop 21 Duck Reef Loop 22Duck Reef Loop 22 Duck Reef Loop 23Duck Reef Loop 23 Duck Reef Loop 24Duck Reef Loop 24 Duck Reef Loop 25Duck Reef Loop 25 Duck Reef Loop 26Duck Reef Loop 26 Duck Reef Loop 27Duck Reef Loop 27 Duck Reef Loop 28Duck Reef Loop 28 Duck Reef Loop 29Duck Reef Loop 29 Duck Reef Loop 30Duck Reef Loop 30 Duck Reef Loop 31Duck Reef Loop 31

Duncan Reef, the site of many ship wrecks.

Duck Reef Loop 32Duck Reef Loop 32

Duck Reef to the left with no breaking water at high tide.

Duck Reef Loop 34Duck Reef Loop 34 Duck Reef Loop 35Duck Reef Loop 35 Duck Reef Loop 36Duck Reef Loop 36 Duck Reef Loop 37Duck Reef Loop 37

This is Duncan Reef at high tide. I've seen thirty foot breakers here with southwestern gale winds.

Duck Reef Loop 38Duck Reef Loop 38 Duck Reef Loop 39Duck Reef Loop 39 Duck Reef Loop 40Duck Reef Loop 40 Duck Reef Loop 41Duck Reef Loop 41 Duck Reef Loop 42Duck Reef Loop 42 Duck Reef Loop 43Duck Reef Loop 43 Duck Reef Loop 44Duck Reef Loop 44 Duck Reef Loop 45Duck Reef Loop 45 Duck Reef Loop 46Duck Reef Loop 46 Duck Reef Loop 47Duck Reef Loop 47 Duck Reef Loop 48Duck Reef Loop 48

Champagne Dam

This was the water supply for the communications centre, now the white monolith above.

Duck Reef Loop 49Duck Reef Loop 49 Duck Reef Loop 50Duck Reef Loop 50

The Duncan's Cove Nature Reserve sign as seen on the clockwise loop.

Duck Reef Loop 51Duck Reef Loop 51 Duck Reef Loop 52Duck Reef Loop 52 Duck Reef Loop 53Duck Reef Loop 53

Duncan's Cove

Duck Reef Loop 54Duck Reef Loop 54 Duck Reef Loop 55Duck Reef Loop 55 Duck Reef Loop 56Duck Reef Loop 56 Duck Reef Loop 57Duck Reef Loop 57 Duck Reef Loop 58Duck Reef Loop 58 Duck Reef Loop 59Duck Reef Loop 59 Duck Reef Loop 60Duck Reef Loop 60

This is the route to the trail. The concrete works to the right are the WW ll water supply pump house which pressurizes the water from Duncan's Pond. It now services the community of Duncan's Cove, originally an artist's colony.

Duck Reef Loop 61Duck Reef Loop 61

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Indigo Bunting This Indigo Bunting was at Sandy Cove's beach, Halifax municipality. This location is a local hot spot as it entices migrating birds to feed on the maggots and flies among the rock weed and kelp washed up on the shore. There were two Indigo Buntings and they were quite shy. I tried sitting and waiting but my usual technique did not work so my photographs are distant and cropped. Photographed with the Sony a99ii, 400mm F4.5 and 1.4X II, hand held.

Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting 1Indigo Bunting 1 Indigo Bunting 2Indigo Bunting 2 Indigo Bunting 3Indigo Bunting 3 Indigo Bunting 4Indigo Bunting 4 Indigo Bunting 5Indigo Bunting 5 Indigo Bunting 6Indigo Bunting 6 Indigo Bunting 7Indigo Bunting 7 Indigo Bunting 8Indigo Bunting 8 Indigo Bunting 9Indigo Bunting 9 Indigo Bunting 10Indigo Bunting 10 Indigo Bunting 11Indigo Bunting 11 Indigo Bunting 12Indigo Bunting 12 Indigo Bunting 13Indigo Bunting 13 Indigo Bunting 14Indigo Bunting 14 Indigo Bunting 15Indigo Bunting 15 Indigo Bunting 16Indigo Bunting 16 Indigo Bunting 17Indigo Bunting 17 Indigo Bunting 18Indigo Bunting 18 Indigo Bunting 19Indigo Bunting 19 Indigo Bunting 20Indigo Bunting 20 Indigo Bunting 21Indigo Bunting 21 Indigo Bunting 22Indigo Bunting 22 Indigo Bunting 23Indigo Bunting 23 Indigo Bunting 24Indigo Bunting 24 Indigo Bunting 25Indigo Bunting 25 Indigo Bunting 26Indigo Bunting 26 Indigo Bunting 27Indigo Bunting 27 Indigo Bunting 28Indigo Bunting 28 Indigo Bunting 29Indigo Bunting 29

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Great Egret The Great Egret is a photographer's dream, elegant and majestic. Although common in the American south it is uncommon here in Nova Scotia with substantial variation in numbers year over year. Photographed at Russell Lake, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with Sony a99ii and 400mm F4.5 and 1.4X II, hand held.

Great Egret

Great Egret 8Great Egret 8


Great Egret 7Great Egret 7 Great Egret 1Great Egret 1 Great Egret 2Great Egret 2 Great Egret 3Great Egret 3 Great Egret 4Great Egret 4 Great Egret 5Great Egret 5 Great Egret 6Great Egret 6

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Upland Sandpiper The Upland Sandpiper is a favourite bird of mine well remembered from my years living on the Canadian prairies. We often saw this bird calmly sitting on fence posts. It's song is an unforgettable, "wolf whistle". Photographed with Sony a99ii and 400mm F4.5 with 1.4x II, hand held.

Upland Sandpiper

Upland Sandpiper 1Upland Sandpiper 1 Upland Sandpiper 2Upland Sandpiper 2 Upland Sandpiper 3Upland Sandpiper 3 Upland Sandpiper 4Upland Sandpiper 4 Upland Sandpiper 5Upland Sandpiper 5 Upland Sandpiper 6Upland Sandpiper 6 Upland Sandpiper 7Upland Sandpiper 7 Upland Sandpiper 8Upland Sandpiper 8 Upland Sandpiper 9Upland Sandpiper 9 Upland Sandpiper 10Upland Sandpiper 10 Upland Sandpiper 11Upland Sandpiper 11 Upland Sandpiper 12Upland Sandpiper 12

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Grey-cheeked Thrush This Grey-cheeked Thrush was on Cape Sable Island. It's very similar to the much rarer Bicknell's Thrush found on Cape Breton Island in the northern highlands. The two thrushes are very difficult to separate in the field. A recording of the song and a good photograph are helpful during migration. Photographed with Sony a99ii and 400mm F4.5 and 1.4Xii lenses, hand held.

Grey-cheeked Thrush

Note: I use the English spelling for grey(colour) rather than the incorrect gray(a proper noun or name) used by the ABA.

Grey-cheeked Thrush 1Grey-cheeked Thrush 1 Grey-cheeked Thrush 2Grey-cheeked Thrush 2 Grey-cheeked Thrush 3Grey-cheeked Thrush 3 Grey-cheeked Thrush 4Grey-cheeked Thrush 4 Grey-cheeked Thrush 5Grey-cheeked Thrush 5 Grey-cheeked Thrush 6Grey-cheeked Thrush 6 Grey-cheeked Thrush 7Grey-cheeked Thrush 7 Grey-cheeked Thrush 8Grey-cheeked Thrush 8 Grey-cheeked Thrush 9Grey-cheeked Thrush 9 Grey-cheeked Thrush 10Grey-cheeked Thrush 10

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Peggy's Cove Sunset, April 11, 2018. I went to Peggy's Cove the evening of April 11 to photograph the sunset. It was brutally cold for the time of year but I persevered.  I used my Sony A99ii, Sony 70-400mm G2 and Sigma 24-70mm. Some of the photographs demonstrate artistic license. Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 40Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 40 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 37Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 37 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 38Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 38 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 39Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 39 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 36Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 36 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 34Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 34 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 35Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 35

Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 36Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 36 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 31Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 31 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 32Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 32 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 33Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 33 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 34Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 34 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 35Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 35

Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 30Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 30 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 29Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 29 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 28Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 28 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 1Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 1 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 2Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 2 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 3Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 3 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 4Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 4 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 5Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 5 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 6Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 6 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 7Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 7 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 8Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 8 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 9Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 9 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 10Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 10 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 11Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 11 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 12Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 12 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 13Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 13 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 14Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 14 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 15Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 15 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 16Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 16 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 17Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 17 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 18Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 18 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 19Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 19 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 20Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 20 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 21Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 21 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 22Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 22 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 23Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 23 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 24Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 24 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 25Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 25 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 26Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 26 Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 27Peggy's Cove Sunset April 11, 2018 27

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The Day After the Great April 8, 2018 Snow Storm Here in Nova Scotia we had an early spring snow storm after glorious weather for most of the winter. So despite my preference for sleeping in I ventured forth for a three hour tour, firstly in Sir Sanford Fleming Park, in Halifax and thence along the ocean coastline of the Chebucto Peninsula.

I only used my Sony A99ii and Sigma 12-24mm for this trip. This combination of camera and lens is hard to beat for woodland and coastline photography. The fresh snowfall was a major bonus.

The Chebucto Peninsula After the April 8, 2018 Snowfall

The Morning After 1The Morning After 1 The Morning After 2The Morning After 2 The Morning After 3The Morning After 3 The Morning After 4The Morning After 4 The Morning After 5The Morning After 5 The Morning After 6The Morning After 6 The Morning After 7The Morning After 7 The Morning After 8The Morning After 8 The Morning After 9The Morning After 9 The Morning After 10The Morning After 10 The Morning After 11The Morning After 11 The Morning After 12The Morning After 12 The Morning After 13The Morning After 13 The Morning After 14The Morning After 14 The Morning After 15The Morning After 15 The Morning After 16The Morning After 16 The Morning After 17The Morning After 17 The Morning After 18The Morning After 18 The Morning After 19The Morning After 19 The Morning After 20The Morning After 20 The Morning After 21The Morning After 21 The Morning After 28The Morning After 28 The Morning After 29The Morning After 29 The Morning After 30The Morning After 30 The Morning After 31The Morning After 31 The Morning After 32The Morning After 32 The Morning After 33The Morning After 33 The Morning After 34The Morning After 34 The Morning After 35The Morning After 35 The Morning After 36The Morning After 36 The Morning After 37The Morning After 37 The Morning After 38The Morning After 38 The Morning After 39The Morning After 39 The Morning After 40The Morning After 40 The Morning After 41The Morning After 41 The Morning After 42The Morning After 42 The Morning After 43The Morning After 43 The Morning After 44The Morning After 44 The Morning After 45The Morning After 45 The Morning After 46The Morning After 46 The Morning After 47The Morning After 47 The Morning After 48The Morning After 48 The Morning After 49The Morning After 49 The Morning After 50The Morning After 50 The Morning After 51The Morning After 51 The Morning After 52The Morning After 52 The Morning After 53The Morning After 53 The Morning After 54The Morning After 54 The Morning After 55The Morning After 55 The Morning After 56The Morning After 56 The Morning After 57The Morning After 57 The Morning After 58The Morning After 58 The Morning After 59The Morning After 59 The Morning After 60The Morning After 60 The Morning After 61The Morning After 61 The Morning After 62The Morning After 62 The Morning After 63The Morning After 63 The Morning After 64The Morning After 64 The Morning After 65The Morning After 65 The Morning After 66The Morning After 66 The Morning After 73The Morning After 73 The Morning After 74The Morning After 74 The Morning After 75The Morning After 75 The Morning After 76The Morning After 76 The Morning After 77The Morning After 77 The Morning After 78The Morning After 78 The Morning After 79The Morning After 79 The Morning After 80The Morning After 80 The Morning After 81The Morning After 81 The Morning After 82The Morning After 82 The Morning After 83The Morning After 83 The Morning After 84The Morning After 84 The Morning After 91The Morning After 91 The Morning After 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Searching for the Best Pocket Camera I've been searching for the ideal pocket camera for a couple of years. I've tried most brands and sensor sizes. Leica is the best by far but unfortunately for most of us unless its our prime camera its far too expensive as a second or third camera in one's kit.

A pocket camera must be just that, a camera that fits comfortably in a shirt pocket, sometimes a big pocket. Point and shoot cameras are not for serious photographers. Despite the robust advertising their image quality is awful with poor resolution, washed out colours and low contrast,.... and they will not fit in a shirt pocket.  I've tried working with these small sensor images in photoshop but there is not much that can be done to make the images respectable.

So I looked at the 1" sensor cameras. Not bad for image quality and most do fit in a shirt pocket but alas the sensor is still too small and they are mostly fixed lenses. The mirrorless cameras are good to excellent for image quality in the 1.5X and full frame sizes. The camera body fits in a shirt pocket alright but not with a lens attached. Indeed the lenses for mirrorless cameras in 1.5X and full frame are just as big and heavy as the lenses for the digital single lens reflex cameras.

Finally I settled in on the 4:3 or 2X cameras. I field tested the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85K and am generally satisfied with the performance although I only have the low end kit lenses to work with. Eventually I will get the Leica 15mm lens to hang on the end of my Lumix and I will have a true shirt pocket camera that can take professional photographs on the street or in the bush.

I already have the Sony A99ii 42mp full frame and Sony A77 24mp 1.5X for nature photography but for those nature hikes and walks around my city the Lumix is the ticket, at least for me.

First Field Test of Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85K with Kit Lenses

Duncan's Cove Home 1Duncan's Cove Home 1 Duncan's Cove Home 2Duncan's Cove Home 2 Duncan's Cove Home 3Duncan's Cove Home 3 Duncan's Cove Home 4Duncan's Cove Home 4 Duncan's Cove Home 5Duncan's Cove Home 5 Duncan's Cove Home 6Duncan's Cove Home 6 Glaucous Gulls on Duncan Reef 1Glaucous Gulls on Duncan Reef 1 Glaucous Gulls on Duncan Reef 2Glaucous Gulls on Duncan Reef 2 Green-winged Teal 1Green-winged Teal 1 Green-winged Teal 2Green-winged Teal 2 Green-winged Teal 3Green-winged Teal 3 Green-winged Teal 4Green-winged Teal 4 Green-winged Teal 5Green-winged Teal 5 Green-winged Teal 6Green-winged Teal 6 Green-winged Teal 7Green-winged Teal 7 Grey Seals on Duncan Reef 1Grey Seals on Duncan Reef 1 Song Sparrow Singing at Duncan Cove 1Song Sparrow Singing at Duncan Cove 1

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Ipswich Sparrow The Ipswich Sparrow is an "all-Canadian bird", born and raised mostly on Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's adapted to living on and raising young on broad sandy beaches, hence its light presentation. An appropriate name for this bird would be Sable Sparrow. Some believe it is a variant of the Savannah Sparrow, yet another dubious name for a bird since it has nothing to do with Savannah. Others believe it is a separate species. The Ipswich Sparrow is larger and lighter toned than the Savannah Sparrow, has a different song, and most importantly has a very different personality. How long after a species splits from the main line does it become a species of its own?

I used my tried and true technique for photographing the Ipswich Sparrow. I sat on a rock and waited for it to approach. Most birds adapt well and become accustomed to an interloper that makes no threatening moves or noises, such as playing bird song from an ipod.

Ipswich Sparrow

Ipswich Sparrow 7Ipswich Sparrow 7 Ipswich Sparrow 9Ipswich Sparrow 9 Ipswich Sparrow 10Ipswich Sparrow 10 Ipswich Sparrow 11Ipswich Sparrow 11 Ipswich Sparrow 13Ipswich Sparrow 13 Ipswich Sparrow 15Ipswich Sparrow 15 Ipswich Sparrow 16Ipswich Sparrow 16 Ipswich Sparrow 17Ipswich Sparrow 17 Ipswich Sparrow 18Ipswich Sparrow 18 Ipswich Sparrow 19Ipswich Sparrow 19 Ipswich Sparrow 20Ipswich Sparrow 20 Ipswich Sparrow 21Ipswich Sparrow 21 Ipswich Sparrow 22Ipswich Sparrow 22 Ipswich Sparrow 23Ipswich Sparrow 23 Ipswich Sparrow 24Ipswich Sparrow 24 Ipswich Sparrow 25Ipswich Sparrow 25

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Moving Waters I took a trip to one of our natural cascades here in Nova Scotia. Water scenes are always a challenge since slow exposures will show motion well and faster exposures show detail such as individual droplets of water.  Each method has its advantages but these photos were mostly taken at a shutter speed of 1/8 second. Usually I use both techniques. Using fast exposures to freeze droplets of water and photographing with close up lenses can have spectacular results combined with back light reflections and refractions. Next time!

Moving Waters

Moving Water 1Moving Water 1 Moving Water 2Moving Water 2 Moving Water 3Moving Water 3 Moving Water 4Moving Water 4 Moving Water 5Moving Water 5 Moving Water 6Moving Water 6 Moving Water 7Moving Water 7 Moving Water 8Moving Water 8 Moving Water 9Moving Water 9 Moving Water 10Moving Water 10 Moving Water 11Moving Water 11 Moving Water 11Moving Water 11 Moving Water 12Moving Water 12 Moving Water 13Moving Water 13 Moving Water 14Moving Water 14 Moving Water 15Moving Water 15 Moving Water 16Moving Water 16 Moving Water 17Moving Water 17

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Tricoloured Heron Portraits My cameras images' natural ratios are 3:2 and 4:3 since this is the ratio of their sensors. The Tricoloured Heron was photographed with these two cameras at 16:9 and 3:2. I found that many of the photographs framed nicely at 5:4 and are presented here that way. Portions of the camera sensor is not used when cropping at different ratios but the presentation and quality of the image is nonetheless more aesthetically pleasing.

Tricoloured Heron

Tricoloured Heron 49Tricoloured Heron 49 Tricoloured Heron 50Tricoloured Heron 50 Tricoloured Heron 51Tricoloured Heron 51 Tricoloured Heron 52Tricoloured Heron 52 Tricoloured Heron 53Tricoloured Heron 53 Tricoloured Heron 54Tricoloured Heron 54 Tricoloured Heron 55Tricoloured Heron 55 Tricoloured Heron 56Tricoloured Heron 56 Tricoloured Heron 57Tricoloured Heron 57 Tricoloured Heron 58Tricoloured Heron 58 Tricoloured Heron 59Tricoloured Heron 59 Tricoloured Heron 60Tricoloured Heron 60 Tricoloured Heron 61Tricoloured Heron 61 Tricoloured Heron 62Tricoloured Heron 62 Tricoloured Heron 63Tricoloured Heron 63 Tricoloured Heron 64Tricoloured Heron 64 Tricoloured Heron 65Tricoloured Heron 65 Tricoloured Heron 66Tricoloured Heron 66 Tricoloured Heron 67Tricoloured Heron 67 Tricoloured Heron 68Tricoloured Heron 68 Tricoloured Heron 69Tricoloured Heron 69

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Little Blue Heron This Little Blue Heron did not want to pose. It remained at the back of the salt marsh until it abruptly flew off. I managed a few distant, cropped 1260mm photos, but I never complain. Just seeing this elegant bird is a treat.

Little Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron 1Little Blue Heron 1 Little Blue Heron 2Little Blue Heron 2 Little Blue Heron 5Little Blue Heron 5

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Blue Moon March 31, 2018 The Blue Moon of March 31, 2018 is the second blue moon within 29 days. There were four full moons in three months, two in each of January and March(the latter moon is the blue moon of January and March) and none in February. Despite the preceding rainy few days it cleared just in time here in Portuguese Cove for the clear sky event.

Blue Moon Rising Over the Ocean

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 16Blue Moon March 31, 2018 16

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 15Blue Moon March 31, 2018 15

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 14Blue Moon March 31, 2018 14

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 13Blue Moon March 31, 2018 13

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 12Blue Moon March 31, 2018 12

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 11Blue Moon March 31, 2018 11

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 10Blue Moon March 31, 2018 10

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 9Blue Moon March 31, 2018 9

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 8Blue Moon March 31, 2018 8

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 7Blue Moon March 31, 2018 7

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 5Blue Moon March 31, 2018 5

Blue Moon March 31, 2018 5Blue Moon March 31, 2018 5


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Tricoloured Heron in the Ultimate Pose I obtained my best photos of the Tricoloured Heron last Wednesday evening. I went to the Sambro Head Salt Marsh at about 5PM ADT and joined my friend in a secluded spot behind a group of spruce but providing a clear vantage to the area of the salt marsh that the Tricoloured Heron was frequenting. We watched the heron walk along the water course of the marsh all the way to the water side of the spruce grove we were lurking behind. Eventually the heron emerged from the water and to our amazement and delight landed right in front of us not twenty feet distant, and to further enhance the photographic opportunity it jumped onto a leaning stump and posed.

Tricoloured Heron

Tricoloured Heron 13Tricoloured Heron 13 Tricoloured Heron 14Tricoloured Heron 14 Tricoloured Heron 15Tricoloured Heron 15

This is my new cover photo for my website.

Tricoloured Heron 16-1Tricoloured Heron 16-1 Tricoloured Heron 16Tricoloured Heron 16 Tricoloured Heron 18Tricoloured Heron 18 Tricoloured Heron 19Tricoloured Heron 19 Tricoloured Heron 20Tricoloured Heron 20 Tricoloured Heron 21Tricoloured Heron 21 Tricoloured Heron 22Tricoloured Heron 22 Tricoloured Heron 23Tricoloured Heron 23 Tricoloured Heron 24Tricoloured Heron 24

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Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret While I was at the Sambro Head Salt Marsh this morning the Great Egret and the Tricoloured Heron decided quite obligingly to pose together. I was stretching the limits of my equipment when I photographed the pair at 1260mm and then did severe crops as well. They were almost as far back in the marsh as the tree line.

Cars make excellent blinds but unfortunately beginning or inconsiderate birders and photographers still approach these birds in the marsh scaring them off when the poor critters are hunkered down in the cold wind. It is always best to use one's car as a blind and wait for the birds to approach on their own terms.

Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret
Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 1Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 1 Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 3Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 3

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Tricoloured Heron Yesterday after photographing the Great Egret I returned to the marsh and immediately found a Tricoloured Heron. It was comfortable and feeding until a dog walker blundered into the marsh with a cell phone and it flew off.

The Tricoloured Heron was formerly known as the Louisiana Heron and is much smaller than the Great Egret. It's about the same size as a Snowy Egret. Tricoloured Heron 3Tricoloured Heron 3 Tricoloured Heron 4Tricoloured Heron 4 Tricoloured Heron 5Tricoloured Heron 5 Tricoloured Heron 6Tricoloured Heron 6 Tricoloured Heron 8Tricoloured Heron 8 Tricoloured Heron 9Tricoloured Heron 9 Tricoloured Heron 10Tricoloured Heron 10 Tricoloured Heron 11Tricoloured Heron 11 Tricoloured Heron 12Tricoloured Heron 12

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Great Egret I photographed a Great Egret at Sambro Head Salt Marsh yesterday and today. This marsh has been a favorite of waders since we've known of the place. Waders found here over the years include Great Great, Snowy Egret, Little Egret, Great Blue Heron, Little Blue Heron, American Bittern, Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron and Tricoloured Heron. Cattle Egret and Green Heron although not found in the marsh itself have been seen nearby.

Great Egret

Great Egret 2Great Egret 2 Great Egret 3Great Egret 3 Great Egret 4Great Egret 4 Great Egret 5Great Egret 5 Great Egret 6Great Egret 6 Great Egret 7Great Egret 7 Great Egret 8Great Egret 8 Great Egret 9Great Egret 9


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Orange-crowned Warbler An Orange-crowned Warbler is no big deal in Florida's winter but it sure is here in Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia. This demure little green-yellow warbler is a winter's treat for us. It showed its orange crown to Laura once during a gust of wind but I've yet to see it. I usually see this warbler in late November and early December on its southern migration. The Orange-crowned Warbler does not breed in Nova Scotia but further north in Labrador, a hardy bird indeed.

Orange-crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler 19Orange-crowned Warbler 19

Orange-crowned Warbler 10Orange-crowned Warbler 10 Orange-crowned Warbler 11Orange-crowned Warbler 11 Orange-crowned Warbler 13Orange-crowned Warbler 13 Orange-crowned Warbler 14Orange-crowned Warbler 14 Orange-crowned Warbler 15Orange-crowned Warbler 15 Orange-crowned Warbler 17Orange-crowned Warbler 17 Orange-crowned Warbler 18Orange-crowned Warbler 18

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