NATO Antisubmarine Exercise Cutlass Fury

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Exercise Cutlass Fury was a NATO antisubmarine exercise with eleven ships, three submarines, 25 aircraft and 3000 sailors from Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The exercise focused on maritime interdiction operations, mine countermeasures, missile defense coordination, littoral(close to shore) combat and anti-surface and anti-submarine operations and tactics.

I enjoyed the armada as they exited Halifax Harbour off Shoal Point. The sky was bright so there was a lot of contrast and shadow but a beautiful day with many of the naval ships at speed and maneuvering.  

FS Languedoc



CCGS Earl Grey



HMCS Athabascan  HMCSAthabascan1HMCSAthabascan1 HMCSAthabascan2HMCSAthabascan2 HMCSAthabascan3HMCSAthabascan3 HMCSAthabascan4HMCSAthabascan4

HMCS Frederiction HMCSFrederiction1HMCSFrederiction1 HMCSFrederiction2HMCSFrederiction2 HMCSFrederiction3HMCSFrederiction3 HMCSFrederiction4HMCSFrederiction4 HMCSFrederiction6HMCSFrederiction6 HMCSFrederiction7HMCSFrederiction7

HMS Monmouth  HMSMonmouth1HMSMonmouth1 HMSMonmouth1HMSMonmouth1 HMSMonmouth2HMSMonmouth2

Leeway Odessey

Marine support and research vessel LeewayOdessey1LeewayOdessey1 LeewayOdessey2LeewayOdessey2

FS Perle 

Nuclear powered attack submarine,......I'm not sure about this identification. There are no visible markings. There was also a United States of America nuclear powered attack submarine in the exercise. Perle1Perle1

Sea King Helicopter

There were several helicopters patrolling the outer habour.


SPS Patino  SPSPatinoA14-2SPSPatinoA14-2 SPSPatinoA14-3SPSPatinoA14-3 SPSPatinoA14-4SPSPatinoA14-4 SPSPatinoA14-5SPSPatinoA14-5 SPSPatinoA14-5SPSPatinoA14-5 SPSPatinoA14-6SPSPatinoA14-6

Stellar Sunrise

This tanker was ordered to clear its anchorage in the outer harbour prior to the departure of the naval fleet(I think but can't confirm) StellarSunrise1StellarSunrise1

USN Robert E Peary

This support ship was the first to leave the harbour. I just managed a few quick photos from my living room window. USNARobertEPeary-1USNARobertEPeary-1 USNSRobertEPeary2USNSRobertEPeary2

USS Bulkeley and USS Gonzalez   USSBulkeley&Gonzalez1USSBulkeley&Gonzalez1 USSBulkeley&Gonzalez2USSBulkeley&Gonzalez2 USSBulkeley&Gonzalez3USSBulkeley&Gonzalez3 USSBulkeley&Gonzalez4USSBulkeley&Gonzalez4

USS Bulkeley USSBulkeley1USSBulkeley1 USSBulkeley2USSBulkeley2 USSBulkeley3USSBulkeley3 USSBulkeley4USSBulkeley4 USSBulkeley5USSBulkeley5 USSBulkeley6USSBulkeley6 USSBulkeley7USSBulkeley7 USSBulkeley8USSBulkeley8

USS Gonzalez USSGonzalez3USSGonzalez3 USSGonzalez5USSGonzalez5 USSGonzalez6USSGonzalez6