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The Arches

July 22, 2022

I visit this park on my way up the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. It's worth the stop because of the abundance of arctic and alpine wildflowers that grow along the shoreline here. Unfortunately there were no wildflowers this year which meant I visited too early. I will return next year two weeks later.

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The Arches Provincial Park is a public park on the western coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada that features a photogenic rock formation.

The park is north of Gros Morne National Park near Parson's Pond along the Viking Trail, and includes a parking lot, boardwalk, and picnic area. The rock formation is composed of Ordovician aged dolomitic conglomerates of the Daniels Harbour Member of the Cow Head Group which has been eroded by sea wave action. These porous conglomerates can be oil-bearing, and areas near The Arches Provincial Park have seen some oil exploration activity.

The Arches

The Arches 100The Arches 100 The Arches 101The Arches 101 The Arches 102The Arches 102 The Arches 103The Arches 103 The Arches 104The Arches 104

Canada Lily

July 22, 2022


The Canada Lily is an elegant native wildflower which is hard to find but worth the effort. Abuse of this plant is evident as wild flora terrorists dig up or crop the plant for selfish and personal use.

The one colony I visit annually is getting smaller and smaller and will soon disappear.



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Lilium canadense
Lilium canadense (lit).jpg
Canada lily[1]
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Liliales
Family: Liliaceae
Subfamily: Lilioideae
Tribe: Lilieae
Genus: Lilium
L. canadense
Binomial name
Lilium canadense
  • Lilium pulchrum Salisb.
  • Lilium penduliflorum Redouté
  • Lilium pendulum Spae
  • Lilium peramoenum Farw.

Lilium canadense, commonly called either the Canada lily,[3][4] wild yellow-lily, or the meadow lily, is a native of eastern North America.[5] Its native range extends from Ontario to Nova Scotia south to Georgia and Alabama. It is most common in New England, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Canadian Maritimes.[6] It is also cultivated as an ornamental in Europe and other places.[7]

Flowers emerge in June. They are nodding (hanging downward), yellow, orange or red, often with darker spots. The plant has become less common in urban and suburban areas due to heavy browsing by the white-tailed deer.


These plants usually live in moist meadows and wood margins. They can grow up to 0.5-1.5m with yellow, orange or red flowers 50–75 mm wide which emerge between June and July.

Culinary uses

The flower buds and roots traditionally gathered and eaten by North American indigenous peoples.[8]

Conservation status in the United States

It is listed Rare in Indiana, as Exploitably Vulnerable in New York (state), and as Threatened in Rhode Island and Tennessee.[9]

Canada Lily

Canada Lily 100Canada Lily 100 Canada Lily 101Canada Lily 101 Canada Lily 102Canada Lily 102 Canada Lily 103Canada Lily 103 Canada Lily 104Canada Lily 104

Cedar Waxwing

July 17, 2022

The Bohemian Waxwing is the most elegant bird in North America and its smaller cousin the Cedar Waxwing is not far behind in the scoring. Sure there are gaudier birds like the buntings or tanagers but if I can make a human comparison the Bohemian Waxwing is the Audrey Hepburn of birds. The Bohemian Waxwing is primarily a north-western Canadian breeder save for the Alaskan population so don't look for them in the summer but they do turn up in our winter especially in boreal or boreal like forests.

The Cedar Waxwings are late nesters so look for them around sources of food usually around wetlands especially beaver floods where they share their catch with the flycatchers.

Cedar Waxwing

Cear Waxwing 107Cear Waxwing 107 Cear Waxwing 108Cear Waxwing 108 Cear Waxwing 109Cear Waxwing 109 Cear Waxwing 110Cear Waxwing 110 Cear Waxwing 111Cear Waxwing 111 Cear Waxwing 112Cear Waxwing 112 Cear Waxwing 113Cear Waxwing 113

Upper Burnside Falls

July 17, 2022

I hadn't visited Upper Burnside Falls for several years, say ten or so. My body paid the price hiking up the steep staircase. Going down was not so bad:) The river was higher than I expected so the falls were spectacular.

I used a 10 stop neutral density filter for the long exposure shots. Comparing them with normal photographs and choosing a preference is a personal choice. Personally I find the long exposure waterfall shots a bit hokey, a bit too contrived for my taste. Many folks prefer the long exposures of water motion so I will continue with this technique.

Here's a tip for beginners. Leave your tripod in your car. It's useless for 10+ second exposures due to wind vibration. I usually just place my camera on a convenient rock. It's "rock steady" and easy to use especially with a tilting monitor.

Upper Burnside Falls

Upper Burnside Falls 100Upper Burnside Falls 100 Upper Burnside Falls 101Upper Burnside Falls 101 Upper Burnside Falls 102Upper Burnside Falls 102 Upper Burnside Falls 103Upper Burnside Falls 103 Upper Burnside Falls 104Upper Burnside Falls 104 Upper Burnside Falls 105Upper Burnside Falls 105 Upper Burnside Falls 106Upper Burnside Falls 106 Upper Burnside Falls 107Upper Burnside Falls 107 Upper Burnside Falls 108Upper Burnside Falls 108 Upper Burnside Falls 109Upper Burnside Falls 109 Upper Burnside Falls 110Upper Burnside Falls 110 Upper Burnside Falls 111Upper Burnside Falls 111 Upper Burnside Falls 112Upper Burnside Falls 112 Upper Burnside Falls 113Upper Burnside Falls 113 Upper Burnside Falls 114Upper Burnside Falls 114 Upper Burnside Falls 115Upper Burnside Falls 115 Upper Burnside Falls 116Upper Burnside Falls 116 Upper Burnside Falls 117Upper Burnside Falls 117

Queen Mary 2

July 12, 2022

The Queen Mary 2 is unique among ocean going vessels since it is the only ocean liner in the world. It is capable of year round crossings of the North Atlantic ocean, no slight feat. It's faster at 30+ knots and much stronger than the cruise ships. Most cruise ships can barely best 20+ knots.

I never miss an opportunity to photograph this magnificent vessel when it visits Halifax. This evening was a cliff hanger with rain and fog forecast but I checked the weather radar and it looked like it might clear off for the Queen Mary 2's departure at 6PM. As fortune happens the ship was an hour late leaving so the fog was all gone and there was no rain and the sky and ocean conditions were perfect to photograph the ship. The late day sun lit up the superstructure and the clouds were perfect with blue sky showing in places. It couldn't have been better.

Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 100Queen Mary 2 100 Queen Mary 2 101Queen Mary 2 101 Queen Mary 2 102Queen Mary 2 102 Queen Mary 2 103Queen Mary 2 103 Queen Mary 2 104Queen Mary 2 104 Queen Mary 2 105Queen Mary 2 105 Queen Mary 2 106Queen Mary 2 106 Queen Mary 2 107Queen Mary 2 107 Queen Mary 2 108Queen Mary 2 108 Queen Mary 2 109Queen Mary 2 109 Queen Mary 2 110Queen Mary 2 110 Queen Mary 2 111Queen Mary 2 111

Aura of the Ocean

July 12, 2022

The Atlantic Ocean off Chebucto Head was magical on this evening. The surface fog was just a few metres above the ocean creating an ethereal scene.

Aura of the Ocean

Aura of Ocean 100Aura of Ocean 100 Aura of Ocean 101Aura of Ocean 101 Aura of Ocean 102Aura of Ocean 102 Aura of Ocean 103Aura of Ocean 103 Aura of Ocean 104Aura of Ocean 104 Aura of Ocean 105Aura of Ocean 105

Grass Pink and Fringed White Orchids

July 06, 2022

Laura and I tried for orchids and had some luck. These orchids require wading in bogs so rubber boots are a requirement. The Fringed White Orchid was just beginning to bloom whilst the Grass Pink Orchid was in full bloom. Standing steady in bogs is tricky so bring a walking staff.

The bright sunshine which pleases the humans does make photographing all white orchids a challenge. I'll go back to these photos and try some different techniques to bring out the detail.

Fringed White Orchid

Fringed White Bog Orchid 100Fringed White Bog Orchid 100 Fringed White Bog Orchid 101Fringed White Bog Orchid 101 Fringed White Bog Orchid 102Fringed White Bog Orchid 102 Fringed White Bog Orchid 103Fringed White Bog Orchid 103 Fringed White Bog Orchid 104Fringed White Bog Orchid 104

Grass Pink Orchid

Grass Pink Orchid 100Grass Pink Orchid 100 Grass Pink Orchid 101Grass Pink Orchid 101 Grass Pink Orchid 102Grass Pink Orchid 102 Grass Pink Orchid 103Grass Pink Orchid 103 Grass Pink Orchid 104Grass Pink Orchid 104 Grass Pink Orchid 105Grass Pink Orchid 105

Showy Lady's Slipper Expedition

July 06, 2022

Laura and I enjoyed our Showy Lady's Slipper expedition although the Canada Lily is still not in bloom. We returned via Mount Uniacke Museum Estate in hopes of finding some butterflies but little luck there except for the White Admiral and Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly. Unfortunately I did not bring a suitable lens for butterflies. I only had my 90mm macro lens for orchid photography so the butterflies only covered about 2-5% of the frame. Mayor cropping was required which does compromise image definition.

Mount Uniacke Museum Estate

Foot Bridge Mount Uniacke 100Foot Bridge Mount Uniacke 100

Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly

Northern Pearly Eye 100Northern Pearly Eye 100

Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid

Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 100Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 100 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 101Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 101 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 102Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 102 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 103Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 103 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 104Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 104 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 105Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 105 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 106Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 106 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 107Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 107 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 108Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 108

White Admiral Butterfly

White Admiral 100White Admiral 100 White Admiral 101White Admiral 101 White Admiral 102White Admiral 102

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

June 30, 2022

I visit Chignecto Provincial Park annually in my continuing and failed quest to find and photograph the Cape May Warbler and the Mourning Warbler. Occasionally I troop up to Amherst Point Migratory Bird Sanctuary and although I have seen Cape May Warbler here in the past I have not in recent years. The high pitched song of the Cape May Warbler makes it doubly hard to find since high frequencies do not carry far and are unidirectional. I did photograph the Mourning Warbler several years ago. It is a stunning bird!

Chignecto Provincial Park is a treasure and should be taken over by Environment Canada and converted into a national park, whilst simultaneously buying up surrounding land and kicking out the loggers that are devastating the local area.

American Redstart

American Redstart 100American Redstart 100 American Redstart 101American Redstart 101 American Redstart 102American Redstart 102

Treasure Trove of Wildflowers

Beach Ridge Wildflowers 100Beach Ridge Wildflowers 100 Beach Ridge Wildflowers 101Beach Ridge Wildflowers 101 Beach Ridge Wildflowers 102Beach Ridge Wildflowers 102

Black-and-White Warbler

Black-and-White Warbler 100Black-and-White Warbler 100

Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler 100Black-throated Green Warbler 100 Black-throated Green Warbler 101Black-throated Green Warbler 101

Blackburnian Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler 100Blackburnian Warbler 100 Blackburnian Warbler 101Blackburnian Warbler 101 Blackburnian Warbler 102Blackburnian Warbler 102 Blackburnian Warbler 103Blackburnian Warbler 103 Blackburnian Warbler 104Blackburnian Warbler 104

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail (yes, it is a different species than the Tiger Swallowtail)

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 100Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 100 Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 101Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 101

Cape Chignecto

Cape Chignecto 100Cape Chignecto 100 Cape Chignecto 101Cape Chignecto 101

Cape d'Or

Cape d'Or 100Cape d'Or 100 Cape d'Or 101Cape d'Or 101


Colour 100Colour 100 Colour 101Colour 101


Columbine 100Columbine 100 Columbine 101Columbine 101 Columbine 102Columbine 102 Columbine 102Columbine 102 Columbine 103Columbine 103 Columbine 104Columbine 104 Columbine 105Columbine 105 Columbine 106Columbine 106

Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat 500Common Yellowthroat 500 Common Yellowthroat 501Common Yellowthroat 501


Daisy 100Daisy 100

Dark-eyed Junco

Dark-eyed Junco 100Dark-eyed Junco 100

Grey Catbird

Grey Catbird 100Grey Catbird 100 Grey Catbird 101Grey Catbird 101 Grey Catbird 102Grey Catbird 102 Grey Catbird 103Grey Catbird 103 Grey Catbird 104Grey Catbird 104 Luppin 100Luppin 100 Luppin 101Luppin 101 Luppin 102Luppin 102 Luppin 103Luppin 103


Ovenbird 100Ovenbird 100

Red Hawkweed

Red Hawkweed 100Red Hawkweed 100 Red Hawkweed 101Red Hawkweed 101 Red Hawkweed 102Red Hawkweed 102

Cape Chignecto

The clouds are always striking here probably due to the cool waters of the Head of the Bay of Fundy meeting the warm bluffs of Cape Chignecto causing an up welling of air currents and the subsequent formation of clouds.

Red Rock Beach 100Red Rock Beach 100

Red Rocks, Red Rock Beach and Red Rock Falls

Red Rocks 100Red Rocks 100 Red Rocks 101Red Rocks 101 Red Rocks 102Red Rocks 102 Red Rocks 103Red Rocks 103 Red Rocks 104Red Rocks 104 Red Rocks 105Red Rocks 105 Red Rocks 106Red Rocks 106

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo 200Red-eyed Vireo 200 Red-eyed Vireo 201Red-eyed Vireo 201

Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow 100Savannah Sparrow 100

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow 200Song Sparrow 200 Song Sparrow 201Song Sparrow 201

Swainson's Thrush

Swainson's Thrush 200Swainson's Thrush 200

The Three Sisters Lookoff

The Three Sisters Lookoff 100The Three Sisters Lookoff 100 The Three Sisters Lookoff 101The Three Sisters Lookoff 101 The Three Sisters Lookoff 102The Three Sisters Lookoff 102

The Beach Trailhead

Trail 100Trail 100

White-throated Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow 201White-throated Sparrow 201

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler 200Yellow Warbler 200

Bay-breasted Warbler

June 30, 2022

There are three warbler species that are hard to find and photograph, in order of difficulty; Cape May Warbler (yet another stupid name considering 98% breed in Canada), Mourning Warbler and Bay-breasted Warbler. Fortunately the Bay-breasted Warbler breeds nearby so I am able to obtain photographs every year. I will have to add Canada Warbler to this list thanks to recent population declines. Up until recently I was able to find and photograph the Canada Warbler annually but thanks to the devastation wrought by farmers and loggers this is no longer the case. I have photographed Cape May Warbler during its migration.

Bay-breasted Warbler

Bay-breasted Warbler 400Bay-breasted Warbler 400 Bay-breasted Warbler 401Bay-breasted Warbler 401 Bay-breasted Warbler 402Bay-breasted Warbler 402

Wildflowers on the Coastal Barren

June 27, 2022

Laura and I hoofed it up to the coastal barren between Shoal Point and Chebucto Head primarily for the bog orchids and the Golden Heather.

Of interest was a colony of Sundew at the pond edge, a colony I did not know was there until I processed the photographs. Another trip is warranted since the Golden Heather is not yet in full bloom.

Wildflowers on the Coastal Barren


Bunchberry 100Bunchberry 100

Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat 300Common Yellowthroat 300 Common Yellowthroat 301Common Yellowthroat 301

Cotton Grass and Pitcher Plant

Cotton Grass 100Cotton Grass 100

Cotton Grass and Pitcher Plant

Cotton Grass 101Cotton Grass 101

Dragon's Mouth Orchid

Dragon's Mouth Orchid 100Dragon's Mouth Orchid 100

Dragon's Mouth Orchid

Dragon's Mouth Orchid 101Dragon's Mouth Orchid 101 Dragon's Mouth Orchid 102Dragon's Mouth Orchid 102

Golden Heather

Golden Heather 100Golden Heather 100 Golden Heather 101Golden Heather 101 Golden Heather 102Golden Heather 102 Golden Heather 103Golden Heather 103 Golden Heather 104Golden Heather 104

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant 100Pitcher Plant 100 Pitcher Plant 101Pitcher Plant 101

Sundew, Pitcher Plant, Dragon's Mouth Orchid and Cotton Grass

Pitcher Plant, Dragon's Mouth Orchid, Sundew 100Pitcher Plant, Dragon's Mouth Orchid, Sundew 100

Yellow Water Lily (Bull Lily), Pitcher Plant and Cotton Grass

Yellow Water Lily 100Yellow Water Lily 100

Halifax Waterfront Stroll

June 27, 2022

Laura and I enjoyed a stroll along the Halifax waterfront in fair weather, ideal walkabout conditions.

We haven't been down here for about five years with vacillation and the COVID restrictions. The place has changed a lot and if they keep this up it will be a world class walkabout. Cows ice cream is good too.

Halifax Waterfront Walkabout

Halifax Waterfront Stroll 118Halifax Waterfront Stroll 118 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 117Halifax Waterfront Stroll 117 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 116Halifax Waterfront Stroll 116 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 119Halifax Waterfront Stroll 119 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 120Halifax Waterfront Stroll 120 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 123Halifax Waterfront Stroll 123 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 129Halifax Waterfront Stroll 129 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 126Halifax Waterfront Stroll 126 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 100Halifax Waterfront Stroll 100 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 132Halifax Waterfront Stroll 132 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 134Halifax Waterfront Stroll 134 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 133Halifax Waterfront Stroll 133 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 135Halifax Waterfront Stroll 135 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 106Halifax Waterfront Stroll 106 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 107Halifax Waterfront Stroll 107 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 104Halifax Waterfront Stroll 104 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 102Halifax Waterfront Stroll 102 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 103Halifax Waterfront Stroll 103 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 146Halifax Waterfront Stroll 146 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 147Halifax Waterfront Stroll 147 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 148Halifax Waterfront Stroll 148 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 149Halifax Waterfront Stroll 149 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 150Halifax Waterfront Stroll 150 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 151Halifax Waterfront Stroll 151 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 155Halifax Waterfront Stroll 155 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 152Halifax Waterfront Stroll 152 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 153Halifax Waterfront Stroll 153 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 154Halifax Waterfront Stroll 154 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 157Halifax Waterfront Stroll 157 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 156Halifax Waterfront Stroll 156 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 159Halifax Waterfront Stroll 159 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 160Halifax Waterfront Stroll 160 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 158Halifax Waterfront Stroll 158 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 161Halifax Waterfront Stroll 161 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 162Halifax Waterfront Stroll 162 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 163Halifax Waterfront Stroll 163 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 164Halifax Waterfront Stroll 164 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 167Halifax Waterfront Stroll 167 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 166Halifax Waterfront Stroll 166 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 165Halifax Waterfront Stroll 165 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 168Halifax Waterfront Stroll 168 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 101Halifax Waterfront Stroll 101 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 105Halifax Waterfront Stroll 105 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 108Halifax Waterfront Stroll 108 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 109Halifax Waterfront Stroll 109 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 110Halifax Waterfront Stroll 110 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 113Halifax Waterfront Stroll 113 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 112Halifax Waterfront Stroll 112 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 111Halifax Waterfront Stroll 111 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 115Halifax Waterfront Stroll 115 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 114Halifax Waterfront Stroll 114 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 121Halifax Waterfront Stroll 121 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 122Halifax Waterfront Stroll 122 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 127Halifax Waterfront Stroll 127 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 125Halifax Waterfront Stroll 125 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 124Halifax Waterfront Stroll 124 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 128Halifax Waterfront Stroll 128 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 131Halifax Waterfront Stroll 131 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 130Halifax Waterfront Stroll 130 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 136Halifax Waterfront Stroll 136 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 137Halifax Waterfront Stroll 137 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 138Halifax Waterfront Stroll 138 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 139Halifax Waterfront Stroll 139 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 140Halifax Waterfront Stroll 140 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 142Halifax Waterfront Stroll 142 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 141Halifax Waterfront Stroll 141 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 144Halifax Waterfront Stroll 144 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 143Halifax Waterfront Stroll 143 Halifax Waterfront Stroll 145Halifax Waterfront Stroll 145

Ruffed Grouse

June 26, 2022

I photographed this Ruffed Grouse on my way to the West Brook Pond dock. I did not notice the annoying stick when the photo was taken. Sticks like this often compromises focus and framing. The first photo is the best as the grouse looked away from the stick.

I can remove the stick from the photo but it is a tedious process if done properly.

I am content with what I got this day.

Ruffed Grouse

Ruffed Grouse 104Ruffed Grouse 104

Ruffed Grouse 101Ruffed Grouse 101 Ruffed Grouse 102Ruffed Grouse 102 Ruffed Grouse 103Ruffed Grouse 103

Scenic Photos of Newfoundland

June 25, 2022

These photos of Newfoundland will hopefully give the viewer the flavour of the place. The rugged beauty is complemented by the equally rugged weather. Always be well prepared for adverse conditions when visiting even in the summer.

Scenic Photos of Newfoundland

Cape St. Mary's 100Cape St. Mary's 100 Cape St. Mary's 101Cape St. Mary's 101 Newfoundland Scenery 100Newfoundland Scenery 100 Newfoundland scenery 100Newfoundland scenery 100 Newfoundland Scenery 101Newfoundland Scenery 101 Newfoundland scenery 101Newfoundland scenery 101 Newfoundland scenery 102Newfoundland scenery 102 Newfoundland scenery 103Newfoundland scenery 103 Newfoundland scenery 104Newfoundland scenery 104 Newfoundland scenery 105Newfoundland scenery 105 Newfoundland scenery 106Newfoundland scenery 106 Newfoundland scenery 107Newfoundland scenery 107 Newfoundland scenery 108Newfoundland scenery 108 Newfoundland scenery 109Newfoundland scenery 109 Newfoundland scenery 110Newfoundland scenery 110 Newfoundland scenery 111Newfoundland scenery 111 Newfoundland scenery 112Newfoundland scenery 112 Newfoundland scenery 113Newfoundland scenery 113 Newfoundland scenery 114Newfoundland scenery 114 Newfoundland scenery 115Newfoundland scenery 115 Newfoundland scenery 116Newfoundland scenery 116 Newfoundland scenery 117Newfoundland scenery 117 Newfoundland scenery 118Newfoundland scenery 118 Newfoundland scenery 119Newfoundland scenery 119 Newfoundland scenery 120Newfoundland scenery 120 Newfoundland scenery 121Newfoundland scenery 121 Newfoundland scenery 122Newfoundland scenery 122 Newfoundland scenery 123Newfoundland scenery 123 Newfoundland scenery 124Newfoundland scenery 124 Newfoundland scenery 125Newfoundland scenery 125 Newfoundland scenery 126Newfoundland scenery 126 Newfoundland scenery 127Newfoundland scenery 127 Newfoundland scenery 128Newfoundland scenery 128 Newfoundland scenery 129Newfoundland scenery 129 Newfoundland scenery 130Newfoundland scenery 130 Newfoundland scenery 131Newfoundland scenery 131 Newfoundland scenery 132Newfoundland scenery 132 Newfoundland scenery 133Newfoundland scenery 133 Newfoundland scenery 134Newfoundland scenery 134 Newfoundland scenery 135Newfoundland scenery 135 Newfoundland scenery 136Newfoundland scenery 136 Newfoundland scenery 137Newfoundland scenery 137 Newfoundland scenery 138Newfoundland scenery 138 Newfoundland scenery 139Newfoundland scenery 139 Newfoundland scenery 140Newfoundland scenery 140 Newfoundland scenery 141Newfoundland scenery 141 Newfoundland scenery 142Newfoundland scenery 142 Newfoundland scenery 143Newfoundland scenery 143 Newfoundland scenery 144Newfoundland scenery 144

The Wreck and Heroics of the SS Ethie in Gros Morne National Park

June 25, 2022

The Heroism of the SS Ethie

SS Ethie 104SS Ethie 104

This is a story of heroism of humans and a very famous Newfoundland dog. You couldn't make this stuff up!

.................... SS Ethie was a steamship that was tasked with bringing freight, mail, and passengers up and down the Great Northern Peninsula and the Labrador Strait. On December 11th, 1919, the boat was surprised by a gale while making the journey from Daniel’s Harbour to Cow Head. The ship eventually ran aground at Martin’s Point, South of Cow Head. What makes this wreck different than most is that nobody perished. Not a soul aboard her. Largely due to citizens of Martin’s Point, and the crew aboard the SS Ethie, led by the heroic Captain English. From this wreck came one of many longstanding folktales about the Newfoundland dog. Rumour has it that a dog took a mailbag to shore with a very special delivery inside — an infant. This folktale, while intriguing, was later proved false. The baby was saved by the quick thinking of the ship’s young Purser, Walter Young. Each year, the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head offers a retelling of this tale in their dinner theatre entitled The Wreck of The SS Ethie. 

A Winch or Powered Capstan?

SS Ethie 100SS Ethie 100

Part of the Crankshaft?

SS Ethie 101SS Ethie 101 SS Ethie 102SS Ethie 102

A Winch?

SS Ethie 103SS Ethie 103