Pricing in US$

Digital copy of jpg or RAW(if available) file for publication or printing-$180US for each file. The buyer can make unlimited copies or publish. The photo will be delivered electronically. I can continue to resell the same file to others. Minimum order size is 10 photographs or $1800US. All photographs are scanned for defects and all speckles and noise removed to the satisfaction of the client.

Ownership of a file is negotiated with price depending on the rarity of the photo.  I will delete my original copy of the file after it is sold.

There are no watermarks visible or hidden on any digital file sold.

I do not sell prints. These are easier and more economically made from the digital file at the point of purchase. Another option is to download the photograph(s) directly from my website after I remove the lock.

Payment by email bank transfer in advance to [email protected]