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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 5, July 3

July 04, 2021

The weather continues as wet, windy and gloomy but the fog has lifted somewhat so Isle Haute is now clearly visible, but we have not seen a sunset yet. Birds are mostly hunkered down in this weather but we may have found a Bobolink field and that would be something considering how this species has been trashed by humans.

We will look for Bobolinks when it stops raining, drizzling and misting.

Fish Motif at Advocate

Advocate Fish Motif 100Advocate Fish Motif 100 Advocate Fish Motif 101Advocate Fish Motif 101 Advocate Fish Motif 102Advocate Fish Motif 102

Blockhouse Hill Home

Blockhouse Hill Home 100Blockhouse Hill Home 100

Canada Hawkweed

Canada Hawkweed 300Canada Hawkweed 300


Harebell 100Harebell 100 Harebell 101Harebell 101 Harebell 102Harebell 102 Harebell 103Harebell 103


Memories 200Memories 200

Parrsboro Light

Parrsboro Light 100Parrsboro Light 100 Parrsboro Light 101Parrsboro Light 101 Parrsboro Light 102Parrsboro Light 102

Partridge Island

Partridge Island 100Partridge Island 100

Partridge Island

Partridge Island 101Partridge Island 101

Partridge Island

Partridge Island 103Partridge Island 103

Partridge Island

Partridge Island 104Partridge Island 104

Partridge Island Home

Partridge Island Home 100Partridge Island Home 100 Partridge Island Home 101Partridge Island Home 101

Red Boat on Beach

Red Boat on Gravel Bar 100Red Boat on Gravel Bar 100

Red Boat on Beach

Red Boat on Gravel Bar 101Red Boat on Gravel Bar 101


Seapee 200Seapee 200

The Shed

Shed 100Shed 100

Yellow Loosestrife

Yellow Loosestife 100Yellow Loosestife 100

Yellow Loosestrife and Red Roses

Yellow Loosestrife and Red Rose 100Yellow Loosestrife and Red Rose 100