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Tricoloured Heron in the Ultimate Pose

March 30, 2018 - I obtained my best photos of the Tricoloured Heron last Wednesday evening. I went to the Sambro Head Salt Marsh at about...
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Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret

March 25, 2018 - While I was at the Sambro Head Salt Marsh this morning the Great Egret and the Tricoloured Heron decided quite obligingl...
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Tricoloured Heron

March 25, 2018 - Yesterday after photographing the Great Egret I returned to the marsh and immediately found a Tricoloured Heron. It was...
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Great Egret

March 25, 2018 - I photographed a Great Egret at Sambro Head Salt Marsh yesterday and today. This marsh has been a favorite of waders sin...
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Orange-crowned Warbler

March 23, 2018 - An Orange-crowned Warbler is no big deal in Florida's winter but it sure is here in Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia. This d...
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Blue Supermoon

March 21, 2018 - The evening of January 31, 2018 was the time I was looking up at the night sky for the blue supermoon, the largest full...
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Water and Ice

March 21, 2018 - Water, light and Ice are always fascinating photographic subjects, if a bit treacherous at times to access. Now during t...
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Coastal Nova Scotia

March 20, 2018 - I enjoyed a winter's drive along the coast of Nova Scotia photographing architecture, fishing wharves and over-wintering...
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March 20, 2018 - Merlin's have always been a challenge for me to photograph. They will perch for long periods scanning for prey but are s...
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Iceland Gull

March 20, 2018 - I encountered this Iceland Gull while searching for another bird. It was at Fisherman's Cove in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia....
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An Over-wintering Orange-crowned Warbler In Portuguese Cove

March 19, 2018 - Laura and I are enjoying the company of an over-wintering Orange-crowned Warbler. I don't feed it crickets, at least not...
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A Man and a Yellow-throated Warbler

March 19, 2018 - I visited Petite Riviere early in February to see and photograph an over-wintering Yellow-throated Warbler. This warbler...
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Ocean View Log Home at Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia, for Sale

March 14, 2018 - Phone 902-430-6340 Email [email protected] Ocean View Log Home for Sale in Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia $389,90...
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Test Series of Minolta 500mm F8 Reflex Lens

March 03, 2018 - I took a series of photos using the Minolta 500mm F8 autofocus reflex lens and my Sony a99ii. The lens is a little soft...
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