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Blustery Weather

February 05, 2018 - January is well known for its blustery weather in Nova Scotia. Expect monstrous snowfalls, coastal tidal surges and wind...
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Country Homes

February 05, 2018 - Nova Scotia is renowned for its coastal home architecture. Some homes are simple and others are for the super rich. Nov...
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Tundra Swan

February 05, 2018 - A Tundra Swan is a very uncommon visitor to Nova Scotia in January. This one was in Hubbards. I wish it well on its jour...
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Peggy's Cove and Light

February 05, 2018 - I drove the Eastern Chebucto Peninsula loop, Nova Scotia, to view Peggy's Cove and other coastal sites. The route change...
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Bald Eagles

February 05, 2018 - Bald Eagles are a common site in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, in January and February since most of the chicken ra...
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