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Grey-crowned Rosy Finch

January 24, 2023 - I photographed this elegant western finch on two occasions but I failed to combine good lighting with good views but I a...
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Nieuw Statendam

January 12, 2023 - This elegant cruise ship was photographed off Chebucto Head. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigat...
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Celebrity Summit

January 12, 2023 - The Celebrity Summit was photographed off Chebucto Head. It is a seasonal regular to Halifax. From Wikipedia, the free...
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HMCS Fredericton

January 12, 2023 - This is my favourite photo of HMCS Fredericton. It has a foreboding feel to it. The towering column of cumulus clouds co...
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Red-shouldered Hawk

January 10, 2023 - Here's my best photograph of the Red-shouldered Hawk, so far. I had to maneuver around to get a clear image away from th...
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The Angry Sea

January 09, 2023 - The first photo below is my favourite of the angry sea. The high ocean swell behind the islet with the gnarled tree is n...
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Great Egret

January 02, 2023 - The Great Egret is my first bird photograph of the new year, indeed my first photograph of any subject. This Great Egre...
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