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CCGS Hudson, Fond Farewell and Memories

February 18, 2022 - This photograph was taken several years ago as the CCGS Hudson sailed past our home in Portuguese Cove, Nova Scotia. The...
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Ice Storm of 2022

February 14, 2022 - I've posted some photographic memories of our ice storm of 2022. Some photos were taken while overcast the day the storm...
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Bald Eagle

February 04, 2022 - In my winter's travels the Bald Eagle has become by default the only bird that posed. I have seen Bald Eagles, Peregrin...
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Architecture and Snow

February 04, 2022 - I always wanted to be an architect. I felt my spatial visualization and technical skills made me a good match but somewh...
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My First Camera

February 04, 2022 - Every photographer has a first serious camera. Sure I went through the Kodak Instamatics and the Polaroids but those cam...
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