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American Avocet

September 22, 2022

The American Avocet is an elegant long legged wader of medium size. It's a central flyway bird and commonly found in ponds and marshes in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

When Laura and I visited Oak Hammock Marsh north of Winnipeg we often saw dozens of these waders. It is uncommon (likely) to rare in Nova Scotia. Its appearance here is often weather related, particularly late season storms with strong westerly and north westerly winds.

American Avocet

American Avocet 105American Avocet 105

American Avocet 100American Avocet 100 American Avocet 101American Avocet 101 American Avocet 102American Avocet 102 American Avocet 103American Avocet 103 American Avocet 104American Avocet 104

American Avocet 106American Avocet 106 American Avocet 107American Avocet 107 American Avocet 109American Avocet 109

Humpback Whales

September 12, 2022

Despite many trips to Brier Island this was my first whale viewing excursion. I arrived in good time at 11:30AM but it was too late for the morning bird arrivals at the north end of the island. Migrating birds arrive with a northerly wind and land near the northern light but they soon disperse and move south through the island.

As it happened the weather was clear blue skies and light winds, perfect for a four hour nautical adventure. The whales were plentiful and friendly although there were no breaches near the boat.

It is sad to think our barbarous race of humans hunted these magnificent and giant creatures almost to extinction. The Japanese and the Icelanders still haven't got the message or the understanding that these are sentient creatures.

Humpback Whales

Humpback Whale 100Humpback Whale 100 Humpback Whale 101Humpback Whale 101 Humpback Whale 102Humpback Whale 102 Humpback Whale 103Humpback Whale 103 Humpback Whale 104Humpback Whale 104 Humpback Whale 105Humpback Whale 105 Humpback Whale 106Humpback Whale 106 Humpback Whale 108Humpback Whale 108 Humpback Whale 109Humpback Whale 109 Humpback Whale 110Humpback Whale 110 Humpback Whale 111Humpback Whale 111 Humpback Whale 112Humpback Whale 112 Humpback Whale 113Humpback Whale 113 Humpback Whale 114Humpback Whale 114 Humpback Whale 115Humpback Whale 115 Humpback Whale 116Humpback Whale 116 Humpback Whale 117Humpback Whale 117 Humpback Whale 118Humpback Whale 118 Humpback Whale 119Humpback Whale 119 Humpback Whale 120Humpback Whale 120 Humpback Whale 121Humpback Whale 121 Humpback Whale 122Humpback Whale 122 Humpback Whale 123Humpback Whale 123 Humpback Whale 124Humpback Whale 124 Humpback Whale 125Humpback Whale 125 Humpback Whale 126Humpback Whale 126

Annapolis Royal Gardens

September 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

After my visit to Kejimkujik National Park I stopped at Annapolis Royal Gardens at about noon. This is Nova Scotia's premier formal garden. The rose garden was past its prime and the heat was taking a toll but many areas were still pristine. The Northern Cardinal was a delight although it insisted on hiding behind foliage.

I had hoped to visit Annapolis Royal Marsh and Miner's Pond but the heat was oppressive so I continued directly to home.

Annapolis Royal Gardens

Annapolis Royal Gardens 100Annapolis Royal Gardens 100 Annapolis Royal Gardens 101Annapolis Royal Gardens 101 Annapolis Royal Gardens 102Annapolis Royal Gardens 102 Annapolis Royal Gardens 103Annapolis Royal Gardens 103 Annapolis Royal Gardens 104Annapolis Royal Gardens 104 Annapolis Royal Gardens 105Annapolis Royal Gardens 105 Annapolis Royal Gardens 106Annapolis Royal Gardens 106 Annapolis Royal Gardens 107Annapolis Royal Gardens 107 Annapolis Royal Gardens 108Annapolis Royal Gardens 108 Annapolis Royal Gardens 109Annapolis Royal Gardens 109 Annapolis Royal Gardens 110Annapolis Royal Gardens 110 Annapolis Royal Gardens 111Annapolis Royal Gardens 111 Annapolis Royal Gardens 112Annapolis Royal Gardens 112 Annapolis Royal Gardens 113Annapolis Royal Gardens 113 Annapolis Royal Gardens 114Annapolis Royal Gardens 114 Annapolis Royal Gardens 115Annapolis Royal Gardens 115 Annapolis Royal Gardens 116Annapolis Royal Gardens 116 Annapolis Royal Gardens 117Annapolis Royal Gardens 117 Annapolis Royal Gardens 118Annapolis Royal Gardens 118 Annapolis Royal Gardens 119Annapolis Royal Gardens 119 Annapolis Royal Gardens 120Annapolis Royal Gardens 120 Annapolis Royal Gardens 121Annapolis Royal Gardens 121 Annapolis Royal Gardens 122Annapolis Royal Gardens 122 Annapolis Royal Gardens 123Annapolis Royal Gardens 123 Annapolis Royal Gardens 124Annapolis Royal Gardens 124 Annapolis Royal Gardens 125Annapolis Royal Gardens 125 Annapolis Royal Gardens 126Annapolis Royal Gardens 126 Annapolis Royal Gardens 127Annapolis Royal Gardens 127 Annapolis Royal Gardens 128Annapolis Royal Gardens 128 Annapolis Royal Gardens 129Annapolis Royal Gardens 129 Annapolis Royal Gardens 130Annapolis Royal Gardens 130 Annapolis Royal Gardens 131Annapolis Royal Gardens 131 Annapolis Royal Gardens 132Annapolis Royal Gardens 132 Annapolis Royal Gardens 133Annapolis Royal Gardens 133 Annapolis Royal Gardens 134Annapolis Royal Gardens 134 Annapolis Royal Gardens 135Annapolis Royal Gardens 135 Annapolis Royal Gardens 136Annapolis Royal Gardens 136 Annapolis Royal Gardens 137Annapolis Royal Gardens 137

Our Milky Way

August 24, 2022

While at Kejimkujik National Park I'd hoped for photographs of the Pleiades Cluster and the Andromeda Nebula, but the forest canopy blocked the horizon.

I will be going to Brier Island in early September and the southern spit will offer me a clear view of the southern horizon for 270 degrees. This hopefully (with clear skies) will allow me to photograph the PanSTARRS Comet. The moon will shine bright but I will be photographing at 1200mm a much narrower field of view than 16mm, my Milky Way lens.

This is my best photograph of the Milky Way. Check out the meteor tracks. There are several visible.

Enlarged Photo

Milky Way, Kejimkujik National Park

Milky Way 106Milky Way 106

Milky Way 101Milky Way 101 Milky Way 102Milky Way 102

...a possible fireball in this photo.

Milky Way 103Milky Way 103 Milky Way 105Milky Way 105

Living Water, Kejimkujik National Park

August 23, 2022

I visited Kejimkujik National Park primarily for the living waters of the Mersey River, butterflies and the night sky. The absence of butterflies and day flying moths is disheartening but I hope its just a seasonal variation. September is usually better for butterflies but time will tell the tale.

First up on my trip was the living waters of the Mersey River, always worth the visit. I was using long exposures on the running water so the wind in the trees is evident as blur.

The Mersey River

Living Water 100Living Water 100 Living Water 101Living Water 101 Living Water 102Living Water 102 Living Water 103Living Water 103 Living Water 104Living Water 104 Living Water 105Living Water 105 Living Water 106Living Water 106 Living Water 107Living Water 107 Living Water 108Living Water 108 Living Water 109Living Water 109 Living Water 110Living Water 110 Living Water 111Living Water 111 Living Water 113Living Water 113 Living Water 114Living Water 114 Living Water 115Living Water 115

Kejimkujik Lake Sunset, Kejimkujik National Park

August 22, 2022

I came to the beach on Kejimkujik Lake to photograph the night sky and the sunset. The sunset though modest in presentation was my first in this place but I will try again. My primary target was the Milky Way and the Pleiades Star Cluster. I discovered that the location was all wrong for the night sky since my targets were behind me and shielded by the forest canopy.

Kejimkujik Lake Sunset

Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 100Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 100 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 101Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 101 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 102Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 102 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 103Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 103 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 104Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 104 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 105Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 105 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 106Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 106 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 107Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 107 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 108Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 108 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 109Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 109 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 110Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 110 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 111Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 111 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 112Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 112 Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 113Kejimkujik Lake Sunset 113

Woodland Stroll Along the Mersey River, Kejimkujik National Park

August 20, 2022

I enjoyed a woodland stroll along the Mersey River in Kejimkujik National Park. A highlight along the way was what looks to be a rare Virginia Meadow Beauty beside Kejimkujik Lake.

Virginia Meadow Beauty

Virginia Meadow Beauty 100Virginia Meadow Beauty 100 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 100Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 100 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 101Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 101 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 102Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 102 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 103Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 103 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 104Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 104 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 105Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 105 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 106Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 106 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 107Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 107 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 108Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 108 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 109Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 109 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 110Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 110 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 111Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 111 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 112Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 112 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 113Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 113 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 114Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 114 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 115Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 115 Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 116Woodland Walk Along Mersey River 116

Woodland Plants, Caterpillers and Sunsets

August 18, 2022

Laura and I enjoyed a mid day walk through the deeply shaded woods of Smiley's Provincial Park on a very hot day. Most birds have left already so the late flowering wildflowers and orchids are the targets of the walk.

I also visited Peggy's Cove for the sunset but it was not spectacular. For reasons I don't as yet comprehend sunrises are always better than sunsets especially sunrises at Crystal Crescent Beach in December.

Canada Thistle

Canada Thistle 100Canada Thistle 100 Canada Thistle 101Canada Thistle 101

Helleborine Orchid

Heelleborine Orchid 200Heelleborine Orchid 200 Heelleborine Orchid 201Heelleborine Orchid 201

Heelleborine Orchid 202Heelleborine Orchid 202

Monarch Butterfly Caterpiller

Monarch Butterfly Caterpiller 101Monarch Butterfly Caterpiller 101

Traffic Rushing Against the Cloud Shrouded Moon

Moon and Auto Lights 100Moon and Auto Lights 100

Narrow-leafed Hawkweed

Narrow-leafed Hawkweed 100Narrow-leafed Hawkweed 100

Sunset at Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove  Sunset 100Peggy's Cove Sunset 100 Peggy's Cove  Sunset 101Peggy's Cove Sunset 101

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove 100Peggy's Cove 100


Spotted Jewelweed 100Spotted Jewelweed 100

Fungus about 12 inches across

Woodland Fungus 100Woodland Fungus 100

Woodland Orchids and Wildflowers

August 03, 2022

Laura and I went on the hunt for Helleborine Orchid and Coralroot Orchid. We had no luck with the latter but the Helleborine Orchid is close to blooming, but is tricky to photograph.

We also discovered a new to us woodland wildflower, the Tall Hairy Agrimony. It's tall and the stalk is hairy so we ruled out Woodland Agrimony but we stand to be corrected.

Another highlight was fine examples of Indian Pipe, a chlorophyll free plant. We often see them in groups in August.

The first two photos are from trips of previous years.

Coralroot Orchid

Coralroot OrchidCoralroot Orchid

Helleborine Orchid

Helleborine OrchidHelleborine Orchid

Tall Hairy Agrimony

This example was blooming beside the trail but I will have to wait for a cloudy day to bring out the details of the flower. The bright sunlight washed out the flower.

Tall Hairy Agrimony 100Tall Hairy Agrimony 100


Helleborine Orchid

Helleborine Orchid 100Helleborine Orchid 100 Helleborine Orchid 101Helleborine Orchid 101 Helleborine Orchid 102Helleborine Orchid 102 Helleborine Orchid 103Helleborine Orchid 103 Helleborine Orchid 104Helleborine Orchid 104 Helleborine Orchid 105Helleborine Orchid 105

Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe 100Indian Pipe 100 Indian Pipe 101Indian Pipe 101 Indian Pipe 102Indian Pipe 102

Sundew and Monarch Butterfly

August 01, 2022

Laura and I took a hike along the coastal barrens in search of orchids and other good things. We found a few Monarch Butterflies which I photographed with an inappropriate lens that required severe cropping of the images. We were here to photograph cruise ships and orchids and not butterflies. Carrying more than two or three lenses is a burden. We also found some Little Club-spur Orchids

The highlight of the hike was a colony of Sundew, a predatory plant, nasty but beautiful.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly 100Monarch Butterfly 100 Monarch Butterfly 101Monarch Butterfly 101 Monarch Butterfly 103Monarch Butterfly 103

Sundew Sundew 100Sundew 100 Sundew 101Sundew 101 Sundew 102Sundew 102 Sundew 103Sundew 103 Sundew 104Sundew 104

Adventure of the Seas

August 01, 2022

During our hike along the coastal barrens between Shoal Point and Chebucto Head I photographed the Adventure of the Seas, a cruise ship that often visits Halifax.


Details from Wikipedia:

Adventure of the Seas is a Voyager-class cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean International. The vessel was launched and entered service in 2001. Registered in the Bahamas, Adventure of the Seas has cruised from ports in the United States and Europe to sites in the Caribbean Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Canada and Europe. The ship has a 138,193 GT and is 311.1 meters (1,020 ft 8 in) long with capacity for 3,807 guests.

Design and description

Adventure of the Seas is the third of five Voyager-class cruise ships[3] measured at 138,193 gross tonnage (GT), 108,644 net tonnage (NT) and 11,033 tons deadweight (DWT). The vessel is 311.1 meters (1,020 ft 8 in) long with a beam of 38.6 m (126 ft 8 in) at the waterline and 49.1 m (161 ft 1 in) at the extreme.[4][5] The vessel has a draft of 9.1 m (29 ft 10 in) and a depth of 11.7 m (38 ft 5 in).[4][a] The vessel is powered by a diesel-electric system composed of six 12,423-kilowatt (16,660 hp) Wärtsilä 12V46 engines for a total of 74,538 kW (99,957 hp) driving three 3 MW (4,000 hp) ABB Azipods and four bow thrusters.[5][6] This gives the cruise ship a maximum speed of 22.5 knots (41.7 km/h; 25.9 mph).[5]

The ship has 15 decks of which 14 are passenger decks with capacity for a maximum of 3,807 guests. The Voyager-class ships have a four-deck-high horizontal promenade, called the Royal Promenade. The length of the promenade is roughly 120 metres (393 ft 8 in), and situated at each end is an 11-deck high atrium, called the Centrum.[3] The passengers are spread out over 1,557 staterooms of which 765 are balcony, 174 are along the outside with 618 along the inside. 565 come with a 34th berth and 26 are accessible for persons with disabilities. 138 are located along the promenade.[6] Adventure of the Seas comes equipped with an outdoor movie screen, an Aqua Park, cyclone and typhoon water slides, as well as a FlowRider.[7] The ship has a crew of 1,185.[6]


Adventure of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas 100Adventure of the Seas 100 Adventure of the Seas 112Adventure of the Seas 112 Adventure of the Seas 101Adventure of the Seas 101 Adventure of the Seas 102Adventure of the Seas 102 Adventure of the Seas 103Adventure of the Seas 103 Adventure of the Seas 104Adventure of the Seas 104 Adventure of the Seas 105Adventure of the Seas 105 Adventure of the Seas 106Adventure of the Seas 106 Adventure of the Seas 107Adventure of the Seas 107 Adventure of the Seas 108Adventure of the Seas 108 Adventure of the Seas 109Adventure of the Seas 109 Adventure of the Seas 110Adventure of the Seas 110 Adventure of the Seas 111Adventure of the Seas 111

Peggy's Cove Sunset

August 01, 2022

From time to time I visit Peggy's Cove for the sunset. Often there is fog or dense cloud that prohibits a nice presentation but not so this time. The sunset although not spectacular was excellent.

Peggy's Cove Sunset

Peggy's Cove Sunset 1200Peggy's Cove Sunset 1200 Peggy's Cove Sunset 1201Peggy's Cove Sunset 1201 Peggy's Cove Sunset 1202Peggy's Cove Sunset 1202 Peggy's Cove Sunset 1203Peggy's Cove Sunset 1203 Peggy's Cove Sunset 1204Peggy's Cove Sunset 1204 Peggy's Cove Sunset 1205Peggy's Cove Sunset 1205

Canada Lily in Rain

July 22, 2022

I returned to my Canada Lily colony just after a rain storm in order to capture this elegant flower without shadows and with rain drops accenting the flower head.

To my horror and disappointment in just the two days between my last visit and this visit the colony had been raided by the wild flora terrorists who had dug up entire plants or cropped the flowers at their base.

The damage done to our natural world by these folks is reprehensible. They are usually directed to the locations of rare birds or flora by postings or field trips by well meaning but naive organizations like the Nova Scotia Bird Society and the Wild Flora Society.

It is a well established principle held by responsible naturalists that locations of rare or endangered birds or plants should never be publicly posted especially on electronic media.

The worst abuses of birds I've ever witnessed has been by members of the Nova Scotia Bird Society.

Canada Lily after a rainfall

Canada Lily 200Canada Lily 200 Canada Lily 201Canada Lily 201 Canada Lily 202Canada Lily 202 Canada Lily 203Canada Lily 203

White Water Lily

July 22, 2022

This display of White Water Lilies is the most impressive I've ever seen. The lake is loaded up with them from end to end. There is no camera lens that can capture this display effectively due to depth of field restrictions. The only way to truly capture this vista is to take several photographs, bottom to top and stitch together the in focus sections.

White Water Lily

White Water Lily 200White Water Lily 200 White Water Lily 201White Water Lily 201 White Water Lily 202White Water Lily 202 White Water Lily 203White Water Lily 203 White Water Lily 204White Water Lily 204 White Water Lily 205White Water Lily 205 White Water Lily 206White Water Lily 206 White Water Lily 207White Water Lily 207 White Water Lily 208White Water Lily 208

12 Spotted Skimmer

July 22, 2022

Dragonflies and butterflies are getting harder to find thanks to the reckless use of insecticides and herbicides by farmers. Unfortunately this carnage works its way up the food chain to birds.

12 Spotted Skimmer

12 Spotted Skimmer 10012 Spotted Skimmer 100 12 Spotted Skimmer 10112 Spotted Skimmer 101