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Sandhill Cranes

October 22, 2023 - It was a dreary and rainy day but just perfect for a drive around looking for Sandhill Cranes. The same family of cranes...
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Setting Crescent Moon at Peggy's Cove

October 22, 2023 - I had hoped to photograph The Pleiades and the Orion Nebula in one frame but it required a clear north eastern horizon b...
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October 18, 2023 - I photographed the Limpkin in Brooklyn (Queens), Nova Scotia. The late Dr. Ian Mclaren recorded four records in his mast...
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Sandhill Crane

October 14, 2023 - I photographed these Sandhill Cranes alongside Milford Road. They were about 1/2 kilometre distant so haze and image com...
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Northern Flicker and Red-eyed Vireo

October 10, 2023 - The Northern Flicker was photographed at the Urban Farm Museum. Most of these tree tappers migrate but some will overwin...
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Wilson's Warbler

October 08, 2023 - I have always found the Wilson's Warbler easier to find in Newfoundland than Nova Scotia. It is a rugged warbler of wetl...
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Nova Scotia's October Orchid

October 04, 2023 - Nova Scotia's October orchid is the Yellow Lady's Tresses Orchid. It was widespread up to about two weeks ago but they a...
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Purple Gallinule

October 02, 2023 - The Purple Gallinule is a rare bird which is not reported annually. It belongs to a small family of birds called Gruifor...
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Queen Mary 2 and Norwegian Pearl

October 02, 2023 - I had planned on photographing the Queen Mary 2 on its morning arrival but the pea soup fog put an end to that plan. So...
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