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Recent Photos

August 27, 2021

These photographs are an eclectic mix of recent experiences as I visited a few of my local haunts. The lack of shorebirds is disconcerting.

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee 1000Black-capped Chickadee 1000

Dead Man's Fingers

Dead Man's Fingers 1000Dead Man's Fingers 1000 Dead Man's Fingers 1001Dead Man's Fingers 1001


Fungus 1000Fungus 1000 Fungus 1001Fungus 1001

Coral Root Orchid

.....past its prime

Helleborine Orchid 1000Helleborine Orchid 1000

HMCS Toronto

Entering Halifax Harbour off Chebucto Head

HMCS Toronto 1000HMCS Toronto 1000 HMCS Toronto 1001HMCS Toronto 1001

Forest Floor Lichens

Lichen 1000Lichen 1000 Lichen 1001Lichen 1001 Lichen 1002Lichen 1002

Forest Floor Mushrooms

Mushroom 1000Mushroom 1000 Mushroom 1001Mushroom 1001 Mushroom 1002Mushroom 1002 Mushroom 1003Mushroom 1003 Mushroom 1004Mushroom 1004 Mushroom 1005Mushroom 1005

Forest Stump

Old Stump 1000Old Stump 1000

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel 1000Red Squirrel 1000 Red Squirrel 1001Red Squirrel 1001

Round Lake

Round Lake 1000Round Lake 1000

Stump and Pickerel Weed

Stump and Pickerel Weed 1000Stump and Pickerel Weed 1000

Sunrise at Duncan's Cove

Sunrise 1000Sunrise 1000 Sunrise 1001Sunrise 1001 Sunrise 1002Sunrise 1002

Western Head

Western Head 1000Western Head 1000

Aster Species

Wildflower 1000Wildflower 1000

Nodding Ladies' Tresses Orchid

Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid 1000Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid 1000 Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid 1001Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid 1001