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Yellow Lady's-slipper Orchid

June 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Prior to our departure on June 13 for the Newfoundland adventure, other wise known as, "wind, rain and fog", I took two friends on a walk in the West Hants County's gypsum lands to look for Yellow Lady's-slipper Orchid and Ram's Head Orchid. The Ram's Head Orchid had disappeared with no trace of the flower head at all which is surprising since they were fully open and vibrant at this time last year and ​ present here two weeks earlier. I suspect they were torn out by a rogue gardener or collector. Such people have no respect for nature, the plant's natural propagation, the enjoyment of others or themselves.

I am two weeks behind on all my photos with another 3000 images from Newfoundland to sort, delete, crop, enlarge and edit. There is lots of work to do but stay tuned since among all that stuff I have remarkable photos of a North Atlantic Right Whale corraling feed fish against a cliff face.

Blue Flag Iris

BlueFlagIris39BlueFlagIris39 BlueFlagIris40BlueFlagIris40

The Marsh

There is a breeding pair of Killdeer here every year. Marsh1-1Marsh1-1

Unidentified Moss

Yes, I know, I know it's time for Hans to get a moss and lichen identification book. MossSpecies1-1MossSpecies1-1

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

This butterfly just appeared in front of Gabriela and I allowing for leisurely photography. TigerSwallowtail11TigerSwallowtail11

Yellow Lady's-slipper Orchid


YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid23YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid23 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid24YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid24 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid25YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid25 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid26YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid26 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid27YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid27 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid28YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid28 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid29YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid29 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid30YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid30 YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid31YellowLady's-SlipperOrchid31