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Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret

March 25, 2018

While I was at the Sambro Head Salt Marsh this morning the Great Egret and the Tricoloured Heron decided quite obligingly to pose together. I was stretching the limits of my equipment when I photographed the pair at 1260mm and then did severe crops as well. They were almost as far back in the marsh as the tree line.

Cars make excellent blinds but unfortunately beginning or inconsiderate birders and photographers still approach these birds in the marsh scaring them off when the poor critters are hunkered down in the cold wind. It is always best to use one's car as a blind and wait for the birds to approach on their own terms.

Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret
Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 1Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 1 Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 3Tricoloured Heron and Great Egret 3