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CCGS Cadboro Bay

December 06, 2020

There is new Coast Guard Vessel parked at Sambro, the CCGS Cadboro Bay, parked beside the CCGS Sambro. It's a much larger lifeboat than the CCGS Sambro. There is very little information available online.

Organization: HQ Ottawa., ON


All names prefixed CCGS=Canadian Coastguard Ship.


Bay-Class High Endurance Cutters (12 + 8)

The rights to build a new class of Lifeboat were bought by the Canadian Coast Guard in October 2012 when the Canadian Government commissioned Robert Allen Limited (RAL) to design a new lifeboat, based on the RNLI Severn-Class hull. The boatswere ordered on 10th  July 2015 and production of the 12 vessels was split between Hike Metal Products of Wheatley, Ontario and Chantier Naval Forillon of Gaspe, Quebec. The first vessel is due for delivery Autumn 2017. In April 2017 it was announced that a further 8 vessels  had been ordered.




19m x 6.3

Speed 25 kts
Displacement 44t Range 200 nm (Ish)
Construction AAluminium hull and superstructure Range 200nm
Engines 2 x 2  MTU 1600 hp Crew 4



Fleet Details

Name Year C/sign Base/Region/Comments
Baie de Plaisance 2017   (CNF) Cap Aux Mules, Isles de Magdalen. Delivered 22/11/17
Pennant Bay 2017   (H205) St. AAnthony, NFD. Delivered 12/12/07
Pachena Bay 2018   Port Hardy, BC. Launched 13/09/18. left CNF 06/10/18 to Dartmouth, then onward by shi.
McIntyre Bay 2018   (H206)  prince Rupert, BC. Delivered 20/09/18.
Conception Bay 2019   CNF Twillingate, NL.. Delivered 07/2019.
Sacred Bay 2019   (H207) Old Perilcan NL.
Cadboro Bay 2020   (CNF) BC.Delivered 04/10/20.
Florrencia Bay 2020   H208, BC Delivered 05/10/20.


CCGS Cadboro Bay

CCGS Cadboro Bay 100CCGS Cadboro Bay 100 CCGS Cadboro Bay 101CCGS Cadboro Bay 101 CCGS Cadboro Bay 102CCGS Cadboro Bay 102 CCGS Cadboro Bay 103CCGS Cadboro Bay 103 CCGS Cadboro Bay 104CCGS Cadboro Bay 104