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May 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The Dovekie is the smallest of our alcids, slightly larger than a American Robin. Finding one bobbing about in the surf can be tricky. To photograph them well take or rent a zodiac or punt and drift in one of our protected coastal bays where they are feeding. Eventually with patience one will pop up beside your boat and "wallah". I have never taken my own advice.

A neighbour of ours told us of a small bird flopping about in their front yard. Laura and I rushed over and I picked up a Dovekie and held it in my lap as we drove to Ketch Harbour where I dropped it in the water from a wharf. It happily took a shower spraying water everywhere and commenced to fishing. It stayed in the area for several days. For unknown reasons this photographer did not take any photos-phooey!

The Dovekie is a diver so its legs are positioned well back on the body. This results in the necessity for a long take off run from the water and an impossible take off from land. Wind, weather and exhaustion sometimes force these little divers onto land where they are helpless. Just pick them up and drop them in the nearest salt water.