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Swainson's Thrush

June 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The Swainson's Thrush is a common woodland thrush in Nova Scotia. It is found in woodlands both at higher altitudes and along coastal headlands. It's the rugged outdoors type!

It's song is easily recognized so the Swainson's Thrush is not hard to find. It has the most heavily spotted chest of our native thrushes. Only the Wood Thrush has more prominent chest markings but although it is an annual regular and has nested in Nova Scotia these nest sites are hard to find. Look for the Wood Thrush in the Tobiatic Wildnerness Reserve or Kejimkujik National Park if you dare. The Swainson's Thrush however  can be found locally in Dollar Lake Provincial Park and along the wind swept coast.

The Swainson's Thrush also has the misfortune of having a dumb name.

Swainson's Thrush