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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 12, July 10

July 11, 2021

It was another gorgeous day, mostly sunny with light winds and moderate temperatures. We visited several places with no usual bird or animal sightings.

Just keep bringing on the good weather. Tomorrow we start working the park trail networks.

Alder Flycatcher

Alder Flycatcher 300Alder Flycatcher 300

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle 200Bald Eagle 200

Brown-eyed Susan and Daisies

Brown-eyed Susan and Daisy 100Brown-eyed Susan and Daisy 100

Cape d'Or

Cape d'Or 300Cape d'Or 300


Chicorey 100Chicorey 100

Chicorey 101Chicorey 101


Coreopsiss 100Coreopsiss 100

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird 600Eastern Bluebird 600 Eastern Bluebird 601Eastern Bluebird 601 Eastern Bluebird 602Eastern Bluebird 602 Eastern Bluebird 603Eastern Bluebird 603


Laura 200Laura 200


Memories 400Memories 400 Memories 401Memories 401


Mullien 100Mullien 100 Mullien 101Mullien 101

Wildflower Bouquet

Mullien-Evening Primrose-St. Johns Wort 100Mullien-Evening Primrose-St. Johns Wort 100

Parrsboro Light

Parrsboro Light 200Parrsboro Light 200 Parrsboro Light 201Parrsboro Light 201 Parrsboro Light 202Parrsboro Light 202 Parrsboro Light 203Parrsboro Light 203

Waterfall at the Red Rocks

Waterfall at Red Rocks 101Waterfall at Red Rocks 101 Waterfall at Red Rocks 102Waterfall at Red Rocks 102 Waterfall at Red Rocks 103Waterfall at Red Rocks 103 Machinery for Building Sailing Ships

Wooden Sailing Ship Building Machinery 100Wooden Sailing Ship Building Machinery 100 Wooden Sailing Ship Building Machinery 101Wooden Sailing Ship Building Machinery 101

Forest and Water

Woodland and Water 100Woodland and Water 100 Woodland and Water 101Woodland and Water 101 Woodland and Water 102Woodland and Water 102 Woodland and Water 103Woodland and Water 103 Woodland and Water 104Woodland and Water 104 Woodland and Water 105Woodland and Water 105 Woodland and Water 106Woodland and Water 106

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow 300Song Sparrow 300

OK, what is it?

Thing-ma-chig 100Thing-ma-chig 100

Two Islands

Two Islands 100Two Islands 100 Two Islands 101Two Islands 101 Two Islands 102Two Islands 102