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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 19, July 17

July 18, 2021

It was yet another Nova Scotia summer day; mixed clouds, sunshine and moderate temperatures.

Alas, we have passed mid July and the warblers are bunching up and moving so they will be harder to find but when you find one there are usually several others as well. It is remarkable that fully three quarters of our mid summer wood land birds are warblers.

The cycle of life in nature is amazing. Two warblers arrive in the spring and have four offspring. Now there are six warblers and they all head south. Fours warblers perish through predation, weather events, starvation or just bad luck like flying into a building. So the following spring two warblers return to start the cycle again. This is a stable population despite the losses.

Bald Eagles

A species almost wiped out by human stupidity and greed.

Bald Eagle 170Bald Eagle 170

Bluebell Species

Bluebell 170Bluebell 170

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird 170Eastern Bluebird 170 Eastern Bluebird 171Eastern Bluebird 171 Eastern Bluebird 172Eastern Bluebird 172 Eastern Bluebird 173Eastern Bluebird 173 Eastern Bluebird 174Eastern Bluebird 174

Moon Vine

Tell these insects that the Moon Vine is not predatory.

Moonvine 170Moonvine 170

Partridge Island Beach

Partridge Island 170Partridge Island 170 Partridge Island 171Partridge Island 171

Cottage on Partridge Island Beach

Partridge Island Beach Cottage 170Partridge Island Beach Cottage 170 Partridge Island Beach Cottage 171Partridge Island Beach Cottage 171

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo 170Red-eyed Vireo 170 Red-eyed Vireo 171Red-eyed Vireo 171


Road Side Plant

Roadside Plant 170Roadside Plant 170 Roadside Plant 171Roadside Plant 171 Sanderlings

These beach runners are our third shorebird.

Sanderling 170Sanderling 170 Sanderling 171Sanderling 171 Sanderling 172Sanderling 172

Turkey Vultures

There are eight in this tree.

Turkey Vulture 170Turkey Vulture 170 Turkey Vulture 171Turkey Vulture 171