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Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Adventure Day 9, July 7

July 08, 2021

Today we visit the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, a UNISCO World Heritage Site:

The following is courtesy of the Joggins Fossil Institute:


Where the world-famous Bay of Fundy exposes a 300-million-year-old story.

Preserved in nature, uncovered by force. Explore one of nature’s most inspiring creations, where the highest tides in the world reveal the most complete fossil record of the “Coal Age,” 100 million years before the dinosaurs. Every rock holds the possibility of discovery, and our guided tours may lead you to finding a missing piece of time’s puzzle. At Joggins, our backyard may be 300 million years old but every day is different!

The swamp forests produced massive quantities of organic matter that, over millions of years, created the coal deposits for which this period of history is named.

A group of students looking at an exposed fossil tree stump in the cliffs
A group of students looking at an exposed fossil tree stump in the cliffs.

The Joggins Fossil Centre

The Joggins Fossil Centre is situated on the reclaimed site of the Old Joggins No. 7 Coal Mine overlooking the Joggins Fossil Cliffs. The Centre provides an exceptional learning experience, featuring an extensive fossil specimen collection, exhibits, and displays depicting

  • the rich geological history of the Joggins Cliffs
  • the history of scientific discovery at Joggins
  • the history of coal mining that shaped the local community.

Fossils at Joggins

Season and hours

Support the Joggins Fossil Institute

Your donation to the Joggins Fossil Institute helps us conserve and promote the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The first thing I do in the morning is check out the Eastern Bluebird nest box. I do not want to miss the fledglings on their first flights. The light is best in the morning. If you visit and an adult bird eats the food intended for the fledglings you are too close. I'm shooting at 1200mm so I am a safe distance away and I never stay for more than 10-15 minutes.

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird 200Eastern Bluebird 200 Eastern Bluebird 201Eastern Bluebird 201 Eastern Bluebird 202Eastern Bluebird 202 Eastern Bluebird 203Eastern Bluebird 203 Eastern Bluebird 204Eastern Bluebird 204 Eastern Bluebird 205Eastern Bluebird 205 Eastern Bluebird 206Eastern Bluebird 206 Eastern Bluebird 207Eastern Bluebird 207

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Joggins Fossil Cliffs 100Joggins Fossil Cliffs 100 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 101Joggins Fossil Cliffs 101 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 102Joggins Fossil Cliffs 102 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 103Joggins Fossil Cliffs 103 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 104Joggins Fossil Cliffs 104 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 105Joggins Fossil Cliffs 105 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 106Joggins Fossil Cliffs 106 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 107Joggins Fossil Cliffs 107 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 108Joggins Fossil Cliffs 108 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 109Joggins Fossil Cliffs 109 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 110Joggins Fossil Cliffs 110 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 111Joggins Fossil Cliffs 111 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 112Joggins Fossil Cliffs 112 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 113Joggins Fossil Cliffs 113 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 114Joggins Fossil Cliffs 114 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 115Joggins Fossil Cliffs 115 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 116Joggins Fossil Cliffs 116 Joggins Fossil Cliffs 117Joggins Fossil Cliffs 117

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow 300Song Sparrow 300

Sunset over Cape Chignecto

Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 100Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 100 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 101Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 101 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 102Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 102 Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 103Sunset Over Cape Chignecto 103