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The Nuthatches and Ruby-crowned Kinglet

November 02, 2022

On my recent trip to Brier Island I was fortunate to find both of our nesting nuthatch species; the Red-breasted Nuthatch and the White-breasted Nuthatch. As a bonus and special treat I also found a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

The White-breasted Nuthatch in this series was foraging in shadow. It typically migrates although a few do overwinter. The Red-breasted Nuthatch is the hardier of the two species and readily overwinters and visits bird feeders.

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet was a special treat both to find and successfully photograph. The kinglets are notorious among nature photographers since they seldon stay still, constantly flitting from place to place. The song of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet will knock your socks off!

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Red-breasted Nuthatch 100Red-breasted Nuthatch 100 Red-breasted Nuthatch 101Red-breasted Nuthatch 101 Red-breasted Nuthatch 102Red-breasted Nuthatch 102

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 100Ruby-crowned Kinglet 100

White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch 100White-breasted Nuthatch 100 White-breasted Nuthatch 101White-breasted Nuthatch 101 White-breasted Nuthatch 102White-breasted Nuthatch 102