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Canada Lily in Rain

July 22, 2022

I returned to my Canada Lily colony just after a rain storm in order to capture this elegant flower without shadows and with rain drops accenting the flower head.

To my horror and disappointment in just the two days between my last visit and this visit the colony had been raided by the wild flora terrorists who had dug up entire plants or cropped the flowers at their base.

The damage done to our natural world by these folks is reprehensible. They are usually directed to the locations of rare birds or flora by postings or field trips by well meaning but naive organizations like the Nova Scotia Bird Society and the Wild Flora Society.

It is a well established principle held by responsible naturalists that locations of rare or endangered birds or plants should never be publicly posted especially on electronic media.

The worst abuses of birds I've ever witnessed has been by members of the Nova Scotia Bird Society.

Canada Lily after a rainfall

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