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Grass Pink and Fringed White Orchids

July 06, 2022

Laura and I tried for orchids and had some luck. These orchids require wading in bogs so rubber boots are a requirement. The Fringed White Orchid was just beginning to bloom whilst the Grass Pink Orchid was in full bloom. Standing steady in bogs is tricky so bring a walking staff.

The bright sunshine which pleases the humans does make photographing all white orchids a challenge. I'll go back to these photos and try some different techniques to bring out the detail.

Fringed White Orchid

Fringed White Bog Orchid 100Fringed White Bog Orchid 100 Fringed White Bog Orchid 101Fringed White Bog Orchid 101 Fringed White Bog Orchid 102Fringed White Bog Orchid 102 Fringed White Bog Orchid 103Fringed White Bog Orchid 103 Fringed White Bog Orchid 104Fringed White Bog Orchid 104

Grass Pink Orchid

Grass Pink Orchid 100Grass Pink Orchid 100 Grass Pink Orchid 101Grass Pink Orchid 101 Grass Pink Orchid 102Grass Pink Orchid 102 Grass Pink Orchid 103Grass Pink Orchid 103 Grass Pink Orchid 104Grass Pink Orchid 104 Grass Pink Orchid 105Grass Pink Orchid 105