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Queen Mary 2

July 12, 2022

The Queen Mary 2 is unique among ocean going vessels since it is the only ocean liner in the world. It is capable of year round crossings of the North Atlantic ocean, no slight feat. It's faster at 30+ knots and much stronger than the cruise ships. Most cruise ships can barely best 20+ knots.

I never miss an opportunity to photograph this magnificent vessel when it visits Halifax. This evening was a cliff hanger with rain and fog forecast but I checked the weather radar and it looked like it might clear off for the Queen Mary 2's departure at 6PM. As fortune happens the ship was an hour late leaving so the fog was all gone and there was no rain and the sky and ocean conditions were perfect to photograph the ship. The late day sun lit up the superstructure and the clouds were perfect with blue sky showing in places. It couldn't have been better.

Queen Mary 2

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