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The Arches

July 22, 2022

I visit this park on my way up the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. It's worth the stop because of the abundance of arctic and alpine wildflowers that grow along the shoreline here. Unfortunately there were no wildflowers this year which meant I visited too early. I will return next year two weeks later.

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The Arches Provincial Park is a public park on the western coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada that features a photogenic rock formation.

The park is north of Gros Morne National Park near Parson's Pond along the Viking Trail, and includes a parking lot, boardwalk, and picnic area. The rock formation is composed of Ordovician aged dolomitic conglomerates of the Daniels Harbour Member of the Cow Head Group which has been eroded by sea wave action. These porous conglomerates can be oil-bearing, and areas near The Arches Provincial Park have seen some oil exploration activity.

The Arches

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