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A Test series of Handheld High Resolution Photos

August 30, 2023

The Lumix GH6 is an amazing camera. It has a stunning 7-1/2 stops of image stabilization. This is what makes shooting high resolution photos possible.

These photos were over 150mp RAW out of the camera. After converting to JPEG and downsizing to 60mp, which is my upload limit, these photos are the result even though I am just starting to use this feature. The camera takes 8 RAW images each slightly offset in rapid succession and then combines them for the high resolution result.

I'll be using this feature photographing the Super Blue Moon and Saturn tomorrow evening. Stay tuned.

Hand Held High Resolution Images

Hi res test 100Hi res test 100 Hi res test 101Hi res test 101 Hi res test 102Hi res test 102 Hi res test 103Hi res test 103 Hi res test 104Hi res test 104 Hi res test 105Hi res test 105 Hi res test 106Hi res test 106