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Canadian Navy Fleet Week 2023

September 12, 2023

Halifax International Fleet Week



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About the Event

Halifax International Fleet Week will showcase Halifax as Canada's defence and ocean hub with participation from Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) service members from across the country as well as the United States, Germany, England, and France.  Sailors will congregate in the historic garrison town from Sept. 7-10 to enjoy an extended weekend of camaraderie, sportsmanship, legendary maritime hospitality, and the ability to extend and demonstrate our international allyship. The week coincides with the RCN offshore exercise CUTLASS FURY 2023.

Parade of Ships

Cruise ships at Immigration

Cruise Ship Terminal 100Cruise Ship Terminal 100

Double-crested Cormorant

Double-crested Cormorant 100Double-crested Cormorant 100

Gear for Floating Wind Turbines

Floating Wind Turbines 100Floating Wind Turbines 100

HMCS Frederiction

HMCS Frederiction 100HMCS Frederiction 100 HMCS Frederiction 101HMCS Frederiction 101 HMCS Frederiction 102HMCS Frederiction 102 HMCS Frederiction 103HMCS Frederiction 103 HMCS Frederiction 104HMCS Frederiction 104

HMCS Charlottetown

HMCS Frederiction 105HMCS Frederiction 105 HMCS Frederiction 106HMCS Frederiction 106

HMCS Glace Bay

HMCS Glace Baty 100HMCS Glace Baty 100

HMCS Max Bernays

HMCS Max Bernays 100HMCS Max Bernays 100 HMCS Max Bernays 101HMCS Max Bernays 101 HMCS Max Bernays 102HMCS Max Bernays 102 HMCS Max Bernays 103HMCS Max Bernays 103 HMCS Max Bernays 104HMCS Max Bernays 104 HMCS Max Bernays 105HMCS Max Bernays 105 HMCS Max Bernays 106HMCS Max Bernays 106

HMCS Moncton

HMCS Moncton 100HMCS Moncton 100

USNS William McLean

USNS William McLean 100USNS William McLean 100 USNS William McLean 101USNS William McLean 101 USNS William McLean 102USNS William McLean 102 USNS William McLean 103USNS William McLean 103 USNS William McLean 104USNS William McLean 104 USNS William McLean 105USNS William McLean 105 USNS William McLean 106USNS William McLean 106 USNS William McLean 107USNS William McLean 107 USNS William McLean 108USNS William McLean 108

USS James E. Williams

USS James E. Williams 100USS James E. Williams 100 USS James E. Williams 101USS James E. Williams 101 USS James E. Williams 102USS James E. Williams 102 USS James E. Williams 103USS James E. Williams 103 USS James E. Williams 104USS James E. Williams 104 USS James E. Williams 105USS James E. Williams 105

USS Porter

USS Porter 100USS Porter 100 USS Porter 101USS Porter 101 USS Porter 102USS Porter 102 USS Porter 103USS Porter 103

The Waterfront Boardwalk and Goody Stands

Waterfront Boardwalk 100Waterfront Boardwalk 100