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Gross Morne National Park Day 6 of Our Newfoundland Adventure- Berry Hill Pond

July 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On this day we began our long drive east to Terra Nova National Park, the jumping off place for Cape St. Mary's but first we visited my favourite place for woodland birds in Gros Morne National Park, the Berry Hill Pond trail.

I had several targets for the Berry Hill Pond trail.  These targets are all northern warblers and sparrows plus one flycatcher. I scored on three of these birds; Lincoln's Sparrow, Wilson's Warbler and my favourite the Northern Waterthrush. White-crowned Sparrow, Tennessee Warbler and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher were misses but to do this trail right requires several successive morning walkabouts.

Lincoln's Sparrow

Wilson's Warbler


NFLDay7-29NFLDay7-29 NFLDay7-30NFLDay7-30

Rhodora NFLDay7-31NFLDay7-31

This is my favourite photograph of the walk and will always be treasured.

Northern Waterthrush  NFLDay7-32NFLDay7-32

American Redstart NFLDay7-33NFLDay7-33

American Robin Canada JayCanada Jay