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The Great Northern Peninsula Day 5 of Our Newfoundland Adventure-The Arches

July 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We visited Arches Provincial Park on our way south to Green Point Campground, Gross Morne National Park. This provincial park hosts a pair of arches carved out of rock by the ocean. It also has a nice display of coastal wildflowers and in a sign of things to come my first bird photograph in Newfoundland, the Veery, a woodland thrush named for its eerie "veeeer" call.

On our way south Laura spotted Yellow Lady's Slippers growing in clusters but alas the roads here have such a narrow shoulders I could not stop.

This first photo is of a bleached coastal forest.

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Hooray, here is my first bird photo in Newfoundland, the Veery. It's a distant severely cropped image but I'll take it.