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Queen Mary 2 & Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid

September 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Prior to our jaunt up to Chebucto Head(Shoal Point) yesterday evening to watch this grand ship passing on its way to Southampton, Laura, Gabriela and Alzena joined me in a visit with the Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid. This orchid is our latest blooming, flowering up to the first frost. This orchid is very similar to the Nodding Ladies' Tresses Orchid but the 'nodding" prefers moist conditions whereas the "yellow"prefers dry conditions and usually blooms much later although they do flower together along Sandy Cove Road, Halifax. The Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid flower flares open like a trumpet and the lower petal droops.

Yellow Ladies' Tresses Orchid​


After visiting the orchids we went to our favourite looking off place and enjoyed the late evening.

The Queen Mary 2 rounds Shoal Point.

Queen Mary 2 Sept10-2016-19Sept10-2016-19 Sept10-2016-10Sept10-2016-10 Sept10-2016-11Sept10-2016-11 Sept10-2016-13Sept10-2016-13 Sept10-2016-15Sept10-2016-15 Sept10-2016-16Sept10-2016-16 Sept10-2016-17Sept10-2016-17 After our trip to Chebucto Head the four of us returned to our home in Portuguese Cove to enjoy a late evening fondue. The ladies enjoyed scallops, salmon, cheese and a vegetable platter in a cilantro clam broth.