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Snowy Egret

November 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Snowy Egret visited the Sambro Bog and perhaps stayed too long for its own good. I wish it well on its journey. I was never close to the bird so all my images are cropped.

I hope to be back in business now with two new computers and lots of photos to edit. A hard drive failure is not fun so be prepared as best you can and remember it happens to everyone eventually. Always store your precious memories on an external hard drive. Snowy Egret 1000Snowy Egret 1000 Snowy Egret 1001Snowy Egret 1001 Snowy Egret 1002Snowy Egret 1002 Snowy Egret 1003Snowy Egret 1003 Snowy Egret 1004Snowy Egret 1004 Snowy Egret 1005Snowy Egret 1005 Snowy Egret 1006Snowy Egret 1006 Snowy Egret 1009Snowy Egret 1009 Snowy Egret 1010Snowy Egret 1010 Snowy Egret 1011Snowy Egret 1011 Snowy Egret 1012Snowy Egret 1012