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Late Migrating Birds

December 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Every year there are late migrating passerines(perching birds). I photographed Yellow-rumped Warbler, Palm Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Lapland Longspur, Grey Catbird and Hermit Thrush. The Hermit Thrush travels with the robins, since it is a fellow thrush after all. One winter we had a Yellow-rumped Warbler stay and survive a winter with us. Feeding overwintering birds suet is important. Upside down suet feeders are the best as they deter corvids(jays, crows, ravens) from cleaning it out.

Expect Orange-crowned Warbler, Pine Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler and other assorted less common birds in December.

Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler 12Palm Warbler 12

Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat 8Common Yellowthroat 8 Common Yellowthroat 9Common Yellowthroat 9 Common Yellowthroat 10Common Yellowthroat 10

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler 10Yellow-rumped Warbler 10

Lapland Longspur

Lapland Longspur 1001Lapland Longspur 1001 Lapland Longspur 1000Lapland Longspur 1000 Lapland Longspur 1002Lapland Longspur 1002 Lapland Longspur 1003Lapland Longspur 1003

Grey Catbird

Grey Catbird 4.Grey Catbird 4.

Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrush 1004Hermit Thrush 1004 Hermit Thrush 1005Hermit Thrush 1005 Hermit Thrush 1009Hermit Thrush 1009 Hermit Thrush 1010Hermit Thrush 1010 Hermit Thrush 1008Hermit Thrush 1008