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Harlequin Ducks and Others

April 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I visited Duncan's Cove and found 10 Harlequin Ducks just briefly as 8 immediately flew off. The surf was high and the rule is to always stay off black or wet rocks so I could not venture too closely to the bonded pair that remained to dive and frolic in the surf remarkably close to the shoreline rocks.

At Sandy Cove a little further west from Duncan Reef I sat on a beach rock and waited for the birds to march by and so they did. Highlights were Prothonotary Warbler, Ipswich Sparrow and large freshly plumaged American Robins.

The maggots at Sandy Cove had hatched into kelp flies in the bright morning sunshine so the birds had their choice of the bill of fare.

American Robin American Robin 1-1American Robin 1-1 American Robin 2American Robin 2 American Robin 3American Robin 3 American Robin 4American Robin 4 American Robin 5American Robin 5 American Robin 6American Robin 6 American Robin 7American Robin 7

Surf at Duncan Reef Duncan Reef Surf 1Duncan Reef Surf 1 Duncan Reef Surf 2Duncan Reef Surf 2

Harlequin Ducks Harlequin Duck 1Harlequin Duck 1 Harlequin Duck 2Harlequin Duck 2 Harlequin Duck 3Harlequin Duck 3 Harlequin Duck 4Harlequin Duck 4 Harlequin Duck 5Harlequin Duck 5

Ipswich Sparrow Ipswich Sparrow 1Ipswich Sparrow 1 Ipswich Sparrow 2Ipswich Sparrow 2 Ipswich Sparrow 3Ipswich Sparrow 3 Ipswich Sparrow 4Ipswich Sparrow 4

Prothonotary Warbler Prothonotary Warbler 31Prothonotary Warbler 31 Prothonotary Warbler 32Prothonotary Warbler 32 Prothonotary Warbler 33Prothonotary Warbler 33

Ipswich Sparrow Ipswich Sparrow 5Ipswich Sparrow 5

Prothonotary Warbler Prothonotary Warbler 35Prothonotary Warbler 35 Prothonotary Warbler 36Prothonotary Warbler 36

Song Sparrow Song Sparrow 1Song Sparrow 1 Song Sparrow 2Song Sparrow 2