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Prothonotary Warbler

April 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Prothonotary Warbler is a an annual regular to Nova Scotia and is locally rare. In Canada it breeds along a narrow strip of Lake Erie's northern shore. Laura and I saw our first Prothonotary Warblers in Rondeau Provincial Park, a peninsular park, that captures migrants as they cross Lake Erie exhausted and in need of refueling. I prefer Rondeau Provincial Park to Point Pelee National Park since there are just as many great birds to find there and a lot less people.

I rushed out to Sandy Cove Beach at the end of Sandy Cove Road yesterday after dinner, minus my apple pie, after reading a report of a sighting there. I found the bird immediately and from previous experience I know that this is not a shy bird and easy to photograph. It works the kelp heaps for maggots and I even captured one pinned in the warbler's bill. This area is one of the premier rare bird locations in the Halifax area akin to Duncan's Cove and Hartlen Point. The tidal circulation ensures an abundance of decaying kelp heaps which foster the growth of maggots. I found a Loggerhead Shrike here a few years ago and identified it by its song. My photos were of poor quality unfortunately but it was confirmed as a mega rarity nonetheless.

The camera has not been built that can capture the luminescent golden colour and beauty of this bird but we all keep trying. It nests over water and there is a trail in Rondeau Provincial Park that has nest boxes over an open water bog. This is where Laura and I first saw this elegant bird.

I had my apple pie when I got home.

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