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Pine Warbler

May 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Pine Warbler

Laura and I found a Pine Warbler for the sixth year in a row in the same location. This small breeding colony is relatively new to Nova Scotia.

We were on our Musquodoboit valley tour. I have lots of great photos of warblers taken from Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park last Friday and from today and yes folks I'm already behind on my uploads.

Another interesting development from last Friday is that I can confirm using a reliable source(I'm not a journalist) that Bay-breasted Warblers nest in Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park. This brings the park total of confirmed nesters to 20 with only four of Nova Scotia's nesting warblers not yet confirmed; the Blackpoll Warbler which I believe does nest there but has not been found yet, the Cape May Warbler which is hard to find everywhere, the Mourning Warbler which will turn up eventually as well and the Pine Warbler. 14 warbler species are annual regulars and the remaining 10 are hard to find and may not occur year to year.

Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler 1Pine Warbler 1 Pine Warbler 2Pine Warbler 2 Pine Warbler 3Pine Warbler 3 Pine Warbler 4Pine Warbler 4