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Armada of Tall Ships

August 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Armada of Tall Ships

Rendez-vous 2017 Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 1, 2017

Most ships can be identified by their name plates on the bow, name plates on the stern, sails or flags.


The complete set of photos is here complete with names: Alexander Von Humboldt II 1Alexander Von Humboldt II 1 Alexander Von Humboldt II 3Alexander Von Humboldt II 3 Alexander Von Humboldt II 8Alexander Von Humboldt II 8 Alexander Von Humboldt II 11Alexander Von Humboldt II 11 Atlya 4Atlya 4 Atlya 7Atlya 7 Atlya 9Atlya 9 Blue Clipper 2Blue Clipper 2 Blue Clipper 3Blue Clipper 3 Blue Clipper 7Blue Clipper 7 Bluenose II 2Bluenose II 2 Bluenose II 5Bluenose II 5 Bluenose II 7Bluenose II 7 Bluenose II 12Bluenose II 12 Gulden Leeuw 2Gulden Leeuw 2 Gulden Leeuw 3Gulden Leeuw 3 Gulden Leeuw 4Gulden Leeuw 4 Gulden Leeuw 5Gulden Leeuw 5 Gulden Leeuw 9Gulden Leeuw 9 HMCS Oriole 1HMCS Oriole 1 HMCS Oriole 2HMCS Oriole 2 HMCS Oriole 3HMCS Oriole 3 HMCS Oriole 5HMCS Oriole 5 Larinda 1Larinda 1 Larinda 2Larinda 2 Larinda 3Larinda 3 Larinda 7Larinda 7 Larinda 8Larinda 8 Mist of Avalon 1Mist of Avalon 1 Mist of Avalon 2Mist of Avalon 2 Silva 1Silva 1 Spaniel 1Spaniel 1 Spaniel 2Spaniel 2 Spaniel 3Spaniel 3 Spirit of Bermuda 1Spirit of Bermuda 1 Spirit of Bermuda 2Spirit of Bermuda 2 Spirit of Bermuda 3Spirit of Bermuda 3 Spirit of Bermuda 4Spirit of Bermuda 4 Spirit of Bermuda 5Spirit of Bermuda 5 Spirit of Bermuda 6Spirit of Bermuda 6 Spirit of South Carolina 3Spirit of South Carolina 3 Spirit of Southern Carolina 1Spirit of Southern Carolina 1 Spirit of Southern Carolina 2Spirit of Southern Carolina 2 Spirit of Southern Carolina 4Spirit of Southern Carolina 4 Spirit of Southern Carolina 5Spirit of Southern Carolina 5 St. Lawrence II 1St. Lawrence II 1 St. Lawrence II 2St. Lawrence II 2 St. Lawrence II 3St. Lawrence II 3 St. Lawrence II 5St. Lawrence II 5 Tree of Life 1Tree of Life 1 Tree of Life 2Tree of Life 2 Tree of Life 3Tree of Life 3 Tree of Life 5Tree of Life 5 Tree of Life 6Tree of Life 6 Unidentified 1 1Unidentified 1 1 USCGS Eagle 2USCGS Eagle 2 USCGS Eagle 4USCGS Eagle 4 USCGS Eagle 5USCGS Eagle 5 USCGS Eagle 8USCGS Eagle 8 Wylde Swan 3Wylde Swan 3 Wylde Swan 5Wylde Swan 5 Wylde Swan 6Wylde Swan 6 Wylde Swan 7Wylde Swan 7 Blue Clipper 9Blue Clipper 9 Blue Clipper 10Blue Clipper 10 Blue Clipper 12Blue Clipper 12 Blue Clipper 13Blue Clipper 13 Blue Clipper 15Blue Clipper 15 Blue Clipper 17Blue Clipper 17 Blue Clipper 18Blue Clipper 18 Blue Clipper 22Blue Clipper 22 El Galeon 1El Galeon 1 El Galeon 2El Galeon 2 El Galeon 3El Galeon 3 El Galeon 4El Galeon 4 El Galeon 5El Galeon 5 El Galeon 6El Galeon 6 El Galeon 7El Galeon 7 El Galeon 8El Galeon 8 El Galeon 9El Galeon 9 El Galeon 10El Galeon 10 El Galeon 11El Galeon 11 El Galeon 12El Galeon 12 El Galeon 13El Galeon 13 Flottila 1Flottila 1 Flottila 2Flottila 2 Geronimo 1Geronimo 1 Geronimo 2Geronimo 2 Geronimo 3Geronimo 3 Geronimo 4Geronimo 4 Geronimo 5Geronimo 5 Gulden Leeuw 1Gulden Leeuw 1 Jolie Brise 1Jolie Brise 1 Jolie Brise 2Jolie Brise 2 Jolie Brise 3Jolie Brise 3 Jolie Brise 4Jolie Brise 4 Jolie Brise 5Jolie Brise 5 Jolie Brise 6Jolie Brise 6 Jolie Brise 7Jolie Brise 7 Jolie Brise 8Jolie Brise 8 Jolie Brise 9Jolie Brise 9 Jolie Brise 10Jolie Brise 10 Jolie Brise 11Jolie Brise 11 Katie Belle 1Katie Belle 1 Mist of Avalon 3Mist of Avalon 3 Mist of Avalon 4Mist of Avalon 4 Mist of Avalon 5Mist of Avalon 5 Mist of Avalon 6Mist of Avalon 6 Nova Pilot 1Nova Pilot 1 Nova Pilot 2Nova Pilot 2 Nova Pilot 3Nova Pilot 3 Nova Pilot 4Nova Pilot 4 Nova Pilot 6Nova Pilot 6 Oosterschelde 1Oosterschelde 1 Oosterschelde 2Oosterschelde 2 Oosterschelde 3Oosterschelde 3 Oosterschelde 4Oosterschelde 4 Oosterschelde 5Oosterschelde 5 Oosterschelde 6Oosterschelde 6 Parade of Sail 2Parade of Sail 2 Peter von Danzig 1Peter von Danzig 1 Peter von Danzig 2Peter von Danzig 2 Regina-Germania 1Regina-Germania 1 Regina-Germania 2Regina-Germania 2 Regina-Germania 3Regina-Germania 3 Regina-Germania 4Regina-Germania 4 Rona II 1Rona II 1 Rona II 2Rona II 2 Rona II 3Rona II 3 Rona II 4Rona II 4 Sea Gem 1Sea Gem 1 Seaweed 1Seaweed 1 Seaweed 2Seaweed 2 Seaweed 3Seaweed 3