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Cruise Ships and One Ocean Liner

October 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Cruise ships are commonly seen from our home in Portuguese Cove and although I can photograph them from home it is always best to go to Shoal Point/Chebucto Head for the best vantage.

The only ocean liner in the world is Queen Mary II, heavier, stronger and much faster than the any of the cruise ships. Unfortunately, this year it only visited once and I had to photograph it arriving in the early morning with poor light.

Aida Diva

AidaDiva 1AidaDiva 1 AidaDiva 2AidaDiva 2 AidaDiva 3AidaDiva 3 AidaDiva 4AidaDiva 4

Aida Diva and Rotterdam

AidaDiva and Rotterdam 1AidaDiva and Rotterdam 1

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas 1Anthem of the Seas 1 Anthem of the Seas of Jeffrie's Island 1Anthem of the Seas of Jeffrie's Island 1


Blackwatch 1Blackwatch 1 Blackwatch 2Blackwatch 2 Blackwatch 3Blackwatch 3 Blackwatch 4Blackwatch 4

Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Summit 1Celebrity Summit 1 Celebrity Summit 2Celebrity Summit 2 Celebrity Summit 3Celebrity Summit 3 Celebrity Summit 4Celebrity Summit 4 Celebrity Summit 5Celebrity Summit 5 Celebrity Summit 6Celebrity Summit 6

Crystal Symphony

Crystal Symphony 1Crystal Symphony 1

Disney Magic

Disney Magic 1Disney Magic 1 Disney Magic 2Disney Magic 2 Disney Magic 3Disney Magic 3

Here she is folks!!

Queen Mary II

Queen Mary II 1Queen Mary II 1 Queen Mary II 2Queen Mary II 2 Queen Mary II 3Queen Mary II 3


Rotterdam 1Rotterdam 1 Rotterdam 2Rotterdam 2 Rotterdam 3Rotterdam 3 Rotterdam 4Rotterdam 4 Rotterdam 5Rotterdam 5

Royal Princess

Royal Princess 1Royal Princess 1 Royal Princess 2Royal Princess 2 Royal Princess 3Royal Princess 3

Silver Spirit

Silver Spirit 1Silver Spirit 1 Silver Spirit 2Silver Spirit 2