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A Very Late Greater Yellowlegs

November 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I visited Sandy Cove which is the best single birding location I've encountered in Nova Scotia and I've been to a lot of them. There is a combination of factors that contribute to the making of this hot spot. The coastal migration corridor leads the parade of birds past Sandy Cove. The storm surge piles the kelp and the direct exposure to the heat of the southern sun heats the kelp to reveal kelp flies, maggots and marine fauna. Adding to the mix is the influx of fresh water from the drainage alongside Sandy Cove Road.

My rarest sighting here was the Loggerhead Shrike. I also heard its chattering song.

Late Greater Yellowlegs in company with Sanderlings and White-rumped Sandpipers

Greater Yellowlegs 1Greater Yellowlegs 1 Greater Yellowlegs 2Greater Yellowlegs 2 Greater Yellowlegs 3Greater Yellowlegs 3 Greater Yellowlegs 4Greater Yellowlegs 4 Greater Yellowlegs 5Greater Yellowlegs 5 Greater Yellowlegs 6Greater Yellowlegs 6 Greater Yellowlegs 7Greater Yellowlegs 7

Snow Buntings enjoy the offerings of the kelp heaps too.

Snow Bunting 1Snow Bunting 1