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Bald Eagles

February 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Bald Eagles are a common site in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, in January and February since most of the chicken ranches throw out their dead. Getting good aerial photos is always the challenge especially trying to auto focus an 840mm lens and simultaneously keep the bird in view.

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle 7Bald Eagle 7SONY DSC Bald Eagle 8Bald Eagle 8SONY DSC Bald Eagle 9Bald Eagle 9SONY DSC Bald Eagle 10Bald Eagle 10SONY DSC Bald Eagle 11Bald Eagle 11SONY DSC Bald Eagle 12Bald Eagle 12SONY DSC Bald Eagle 14Bald Eagle 14SONY DSC Bald Eagle 15Bald Eagle 15SONY DSC Bald Eagle 16Bald Eagle 16SONY DSC Bald Eagle 17Bald Eagle 17SONY DSC Bald Eagle 18Bald Eagle 18SONY DSC Bald Eagle 19Bald Eagle 19SONY DSC Bald Eagle 20Bald Eagle 20SONY DSC Bald Eagle 21Bald Eagle 21SONY DSC Bald Eagle 22Bald Eagle 22SONY DSC Bald Eagle 23Bald Eagle 23SONY DSC Bald Eagle 24Bald Eagle 24SONY DSC

Bald Eagle and River Otter

The River Otter is too much for the eagle to handle but the River Otter had a large eel in its grasp and the eagle was looking for a way to steal and swallow it's tricky catch.

Bald Eagle Eyeing River Otter With Eel 1Bald Eagle Eyeing River Otter With Eel 1 Bald Eagle Eyeing River Otter With Eel 2Bald Eagle Eyeing River Otter With Eel 2 Bald Eagle Landing in Tree 1Bald Eagle Landing in Tree 1 Bald Eagle Resting 1Bald Eagle Resting 1 Bald Eagle Resting 2Bald Eagle Resting 2