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Blustery Weather

February 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

January is well known for its blustery weather in Nova Scotia. Expect monstrous snowfalls, coastal tidal surges and wind, lots of wind.

Blustery Weather

Blustery Day 1Blustery Day 1


Duncan's Cove 1Duncan's Cove 1SONY DSC Ice and Rocks 1Ice and Rocks 1SONY DSC Ice and Rocks 2Ice and Rocks 2SONY DSC Ice and Rocks 3Ice and Rocks 3SONY DSC Jeffries Island 1Jeffries Island 1SONY DSC Blustery Day 1Blustery Day 1 Blustery Day 2Blustery Day 2SONY DSC Blustery Day 3Blustery Day 3SONY DSC

Sambro Island Light

Blustery Day 4Blustery Day 4SONY DSC Blustery Day 5Blustery Day 5SONY DSC Blustery Day 6Blustery Day 6SONY DSC Blustery Day 7Blustery Day 7SONY DSC Blustery Day 8Blustery Day 8SONY DSC Blustery Day 9Blustery Day 9SONY DSC Blustery Day 10Blustery Day 10SONY DSC Blustery Day 11Blustery Day 11SONY DSC Blustery Day 12Blustery Day 12SONY DSC