Canadian Nature Visions | Early Wildflowers of Nova Scotia

Early Wildflowers of Nova Scotia

June 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Wildflowers are always special; a treat to see and smell, a boon to birds and bees, and a reminder of how it used to be everywhere before the strip loggers arrived.


Dogwood 1Dogwood 1

Golden Heather

The Natural Resources Department(the strip loggers) does very little good but one thing they did do right was designating the semi-wilderness barrens and scrub forest of the south-eastern Chebucto Peninsula as a nature reserve. One of the reasons had to be the abundance of the semi-arctic Golden Heather.

Golden Heather 1Golden Heather 1 Golden Heather 2Golden Heather 2 Golden Heather 3Golden Heather 3 Golden Heather 4Golden Heather 4 Golden Heather 5Golden Heather 5 Golden Heather 6Golden Heather 6 Golden Heather 7Golden Heather 7 Golden Heather 8Golden Heather 8 Golden Heather 9Golden Heather 9 Golden Heather 10Golden Heather 10

Indian Pear

Indian Pear 1Indian Pear 1

Painted Trillium

Painted Trillium 1Painted Trillium 1 Painted Trillium 2Painted Trillium 2 Painted Trillium 3Painted Trillium 3


Rhodora 1Rhodora 1

White Rhodora

Rare with a very short flowering period

White Rhodora 1White Rhodora 1 White Rhodora 2White Rhodora 2 White Rhodora 3White Rhodora 3