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Yellow-crowned Night Heron

September 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The coastline from Duncan's Cove to Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park offers superb birding year round. This includes well known hot spots such as Duncan's Reef, Ketch Harbour, Sandy Cove, Sambro Head Salt Marsh, Sambro Salt Marsh, Sambro Harbour, and the four beaches of Crystal Crescent Provincial Park. Last Friday I photographed a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, a regular in this area especially where the brackish water of salt marshes meets the ocean. These locations offer excellent feeds of crab and eel.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron 1Yellow-crowned Night Heron 1SONY DSC Yellow-crowned Night Heron 2Yellow-crowned Night Heron 2SONY DSC Yellow-crowned Night Heron 3Yellow-crowned Night Heron 3SONY DSC Yellow-crowned Night Heron 4Yellow-crowned Night Heron 4SONY DSC Yellow-crowned Night Heron 5Yellow-crowned Night Heron 5SONY DSC