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Brewer's Blackbird, Northern Wheatear, Warbling Vireo and Other Highlights

October 27, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The Brewer's Blackbirds(2), very rare, were walking on the lawn in our back yard. I tried to get photos but lost them as they went below my line of sight. They were all black, no epulets, no rusty streaks and a square tail which was much shorter than a Common Grackle's wedged tail. The Northern Wheatear, a rare bird, was also unphotographed as it flew from distant rock top to rock top. I should have approached the barrens from the western end to meet them coming rather than watch them leaving in the direction I was trudging. Next time. I did photograph the Warbling Vireo, uncommon, but alas they were record quality photos only due the spray of branches between my camera lens and the bird.

Beach House at Portuguese Cove

Beach House 10Beach House 10 Hamburg

Hamburg 10Hamburg 10

Early Day's Sun at Duncan Reef Morning Sun at Duncan Reef 10Morning Sun at Duncan Reef 10 Morning Sun at Duncan Reef 11Morning Sun at Duncan Reef 11 Morning Sun at Duncan Reef 12Morning Sun at Duncan Reef 12

Northern Flicker in the Shadows  Northern Flicker 150Northern Flicker 150 Northern Flicker 151Northern Flicker 151

Ring-necked Pheasant

Ring-necked Pheasant 149Ring-necked Pheasant 149 Ring-necked Pheasant 151Ring-necked Pheasant 151 Ring-necked Pheasant 152Ring-necked Pheasant 152 Ring-necked Pheasant 153Ring-necked Pheasant 153 Ring-necked Pheasant 154Ring-necked Pheasant 154 Ring-necked Pheasant 155Ring-necked Pheasant 155 Ring-necked Pheasant 156Ring-necked Pheasant 156

Sambro Island in a Gale Sambro Island in Gale 50Sambro Island in Gale 50