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Cruise Ships Off Shoal Point and Chebucto Head

October 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The location of the Chebucto Head Light is on Shoal Point whereas Chebucto Head is about 500 metres south-west by the cluster of shacks build on World War 2 bunkers. The confusion arises since the Chebucto Head Light originally located on Chebucto Head was relocated north-east to Shoal Point early in World War 2 to accomodate; gun batteries, ammunition storage(bunkers are still there underground), and search lights just above high tide.

Anthem of the Seas

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Mein Schiff

Mein Schiff is a entirely German speaking cruise ship.

Mein Schiff 100Mein Schiff 100 Mein Schiff 101Mein Schiff 101 Mein Schiff 102Mein Schiff 102 Mein Schiff 103Mein Schiff 103 Mein Schiff 104Mein Schiff 104

Zaandam  Zaandam 100Zaandam 100 Zaandam 101Zaandam 101 Zaandam 102Zaandam 102 Zaandam 103Zaandam 103 Zaandam 104Zaandam 104 Zaandam 105Zaandam 105 Zaandam 106Zaandam 106