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My Second Walkabout at Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park

May 31, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I enjoyed my second warbler walk of the year at Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park although I had a late start and could only stay for two hours. The warbler tally is now at 16 species on territory. I did not hear or see the Canada Warbler but I do know where its nesting. The Olive-sided Warbler is now on territory and singing brightly, "quick-three beers", an unmistakable song.

American Redstart

American Redstart 30American Redstart 30 American Redstart 31American Redstart 31

Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee 30Black-capped Chickadee 30 Black-capped Chickadee 31Black-capped Chickadee 31

Common Yellowthroat Common Yellowthroat 30Common Yellowthroat 30 Common Yellowthroat 31Common Yellowthroat 31 Common Yellowthroat 32Common Yellowthroat 32 Common Yellowthroat 33Common Yellowthroat 33 Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird 30Eastern Kingbird 30 Eastern Kingbird 31Eastern Kingbird 31

Grey Catbird Grey Catbird 30Grey Catbird 30

Magnolia Warbler

Magnolia Warbler 30Magnolia Warbler 30 Magnolia Warbler 31Magnolia Warbler 31 Magnolia Warbler 32Magnolia Warbler 32

Palm Warbler  Palm Warbler 30Palm Warbler 30

Yellow-rumped Warbler  Yellow-rumped Warbler 30Yellow-rumped Warbler 30 Yellow-rumped Warbler 31Yellow-rumped Warbler 31 Yellow-rumped Warbler 32Yellow-rumped Warbler 32 Yellow-rumped Warbler 33Yellow-rumped Warbler 33 Yellow-rumped Warbler 34Yellow-rumped Warbler 34