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Great Blue Heron

July 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Every once in a while the stars align for a photographer. This happened with this Great Blue Heron.

The target and hope of all wildlife photographers is to get the eye lit and in focus. The rest of the image can take care of itself. Also, telephoto lenses have very little depth of field so getting the target species in overall focus or near focus requires the animal to be flat on to the camera lens. 

This Great Blue Heron was posing, as shown, in a pond full of white water lilies and three frames had the eyeball lit by the sun.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron 204Great Blue Heron 204


Great Blue Heron 203Great Blue Heron 203 Great Blue Heron 205Great Blue Heron 205 Great Blue Heron 207Great Blue Heron 207

This Great Blue Heron was on a kelp heap when we drove by. Great Blue Heron 208Great Blue Heron 208 Great Blue Heron 209Great Blue Heron 209