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Confusing Fall Warblers and Great Blue Heron

August 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

About 20 years ago I visited Point Pelee National Park, a must visit place for all bird lovers. I was talking to some people when I said that Nova Scotia is good for fall birding up until the end of November. Jaws dropped and almost in unison they exclaimed, "fall warblers". This is a common perception relating to the challenge of sorting out some of the fall warblers. Juveniles look different from their parents and adult birds change their look as well.

The usual rules apply; does the bird have wing bars?, an eye ring?. What's the colour of the eye ring and feet? How about bill length and curve? Does it have tail bars or a different colour rump or underbelly? Look at plumage details and colour. Mannerism is important; bobbing tail or head, jerky motion or slow and steady. Is it a ground lurker or high up in the trees?

I use song to easily identify most warblers in the springtime when they are all singing often long before I see them if I see them at all. Fall warblers are usually silent except for chipping noises usually to maintain contact, or so we think.

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler 3Chestnut-sided Warbler 3 Chestnut-sided Warbler 4Chestnut-sided Warbler 4 Chestnut-sided Warbler 5Chestnut-sided Warbler 5 Chestnut-sided Warbler 6Chestnut-sided Warbler 6

Magnolia Warbler

Magnolia Warbler 34Magnolia Warbler 34 Magnolia Warbler 35Magnolia Warbler 35 Magnolia Warbler 36Magnolia Warbler 36 Magnolia Warbler 37Magnolia Warbler 37 Magnolia Warbler 38Magnolia Warbler 38 Magnolia Warbler 39Magnolia Warbler 39 Magnolia Warbler 40Magnolia Warbler 40

Wilson's Warbler

......note the yellow eye ring and dusty cap.

Wilson's Warbler 1Wilson's Warbler 1 Wilson's Warbler 2Wilson's Warbler 2

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron 210Great Blue Heron 210 Great Blue Heron 211Great Blue Heron 211 Great Blue Heron 212Great Blue Heron 212 Great Blue Heron 213Great Blue Heron 213 Great Blue Heron 214Great Blue Heron 214 Great Blue Heron 215Great Blue Heron 215 Great Blue Heron 216Great Blue Heron 216 Great Blue Heron 217Great Blue Heron 217 Great Blue Heron 218Great Blue Heron 218 Great Blue Heron 219Great Blue Heron 219