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Early Summer WIldflowers of the Coastal Barrens

August 09, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

These are just a few of the wildflowers of the coastal barrens in early summer. Most others can be found on my website. There is much more to come.


Harebell 101Harebell 101 Harebell 102Harebell 102

Wild Rose

Wild Rose 100Wild Rose 100 Wild Rose 101Wild Rose 101

White Water Lily

......found in rocky ponds  White Water Lily 100White Water Lily 100

Yellow Water Lily

Usually found with White Water Lily, often blooming together.

Grass Pink Orchid

.......often blooms side by side with Dragon's Mouth Orchid

Grass Pink Orchid 100Grass Pink Orchid 100 Grass Pink Orchid 101Grass Pink Orchid 101 Grass Pink Orchid 102Grass Pink Orchid 102 Grass Pink Orchid 103Grass Pink Orchid 103 Grass Pink Orchid 104Grass Pink Orchid 104 Grass Pink Orchid 105Grass Pink Orchid 105 Grass Pink Orchid 106Grass Pink Orchid 106 Grass Pink Orchid 107Grass Pink Orchid 107 Grass Pink Orchid 108Grass Pink Orchid 108 Grass Pink Orchid 109Grass Pink Orchid 109 Grass Pink Orchid 110Grass Pink Orchid 110 Grass Pink Orchid 111Grass Pink Orchid 111 Grass Pink Orchid 112Grass Pink Orchid 112

Yellow Water Lily

Pitcher Plant

......a predator catching insects in its leaf cup.  Pitcher Plant 200Pitcher Plant 200 Pitcher Plant 201Pitcher Plant 201 Pitcher Plant 202Pitcher Plant 202

Dragon's Mouth Orchid

Dragon's Mouth Orchid 200Dragon's Mouth Orchid 200 Dragon's Mouth Orchid 201Dragon's Mouth Orchid 201 Dragon's Mouth Orchid 203Dragon's Mouth Orchid 203 Dragon's Mouth Orchid 204Dragon's Mouth Orchid 204 Dragon's Mouth Orchid 205Dragon's Mouth Orchid 205 Dragon's Mouth Orchid 206Dragon's Mouth Orchid 206

Golden Heather

......blooms for a short time. 

Dragon's Mouth Orchid

Dragon's Mouth Orchid 207Dragon's Mouth Orchid 207

Dragon's Mouth Orchid 208Dragon's Mouth Orchid 208

Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant 100Pitcher Plant 100

Cotton Grass

Cotton Grass 100Cotton Grass 100 Cotton Grass 101Cotton Grass 101

Evening Primrose

Grass Pink Orchid

Grass Pink Orchid 113Grass Pink Orchid 113 Grass Pink Orchid 114Grass Pink Orchid 114 Grass Pink Orchid 115Grass Pink Orchid 115 Grass Pink Orchid 116Grass Pink Orchid 116

Sheep Laurel

Sheep Laurel 100Sheep Laurel 100

St. John's Wort

.....often used as a sedative.