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September 13, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Dorian was a disaster for humans and birds with a lot of property damage in Nova Scotia. For a time almost all of Nova Scotia was without power.

Hundreds of thousands, likely millions of birds, died when bashed against rocks or drowned in the sea after exhausting all their energy.

I did not photograph property damage but I did photograph birds but sadly many of the survivors will still die from starvation. I try to help the Laughing Gulls by feeding them chopped up wieners. They know when I'm coming and land on the pavement near my car, currently about 50 individuals. Hopefully they will move south if they can recover enough strength.

There will be additional postings of warblers and Black Skimmers trolling. 

Some of these birds are immature and bashed up so if I erred in IDs send me an email [email protected]

American Avocet

American Avocet 10American Avocet 10 American Avocet 11American Avocet 11 American Avocet 12American Avocet 12 American Avocet 13American Avocet 13 American Avocet 14American Avocet 14 American Avocet 15American Avocet 15 American Avocet 16American Avocet 16 American Avocet 17American Avocet 17

Barn Swallow  Barn Swallow 20Barn Swallow 20

Black Skimmers

I will post lots more photos in the coming days as they try to fish in the salt marshes. There are eels, frogs and fry on the menu if they can catch them. Black Skimmer 10Black Skimmer 10 Black Skimmer 11Black Skimmer 11 Black Skimmer 12Black Skimmer 12 Black Skimmer 13Black Skimmer 13 Black Skimmer 14Black Skimmer 14 Black Skimmer 15Black Skimmer 15

Common Tern and Black Tern  Black Tern and Common Tern 10Black Tern and Common Tern 10 Black Tern and Common Tern 11Black Tern and Common Tern 11

Black-bellied Plover Black-bellied Plover 10Black-bellied Plover 10 Black-bellied Plover 11Black-bellied Plover 11

Caspian Terns Caspian Tern 10Caspian Tern 10 Caspian Tern 11Caspian Tern 11

Cliff Swallows, well maybe since it is hard to tell as they are so bashed up from Dorian  Cliff Swallow 100Cliff Swallow 100 Cliff Swallow 101Cliff Swallow 101

Common Tern

Common Tern 10Common Tern 10 Common Tern 20Common Tern 20

Common Tern and Black Tern Common Tern 21Common Tern 21

Common Tern Common Tern 100Common Tern 100 Common Tern 101Common Tern 101

Portuguese Cove

 30-40 foot waves were breaking along the shore here. Dory at Rest 10Dory at Rest 10

Double-crested Cormorant Double-crested Cormorant 100Double-crested Cormorant 100 Double-crested Cormorant 101Double-crested Cormorant 101 Double-crested Cormorant 102Double-crested Cormorant 102

Fawn Fawn 10Fawn 10 Fawn 11Fawn 11 Fawn 12Fawn 12

Herring Gull Herring Gull 100Herring Gull 100 Herring Gull 101Herring Gull 101

Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate F362 

Heading to open water at the fringe of Dorian

Laughing Gull Laughing Gull 100Laughing Gull 100 Laughing Gull 101Laughing Gull 101 Laughing Gull 102Laughing Gull 102 Laughing Gull 103Laughing Gull 103 Laughing Gull 104Laughing Gull 104 Laughing Gull 105Laughing Gull 105 Laughing Gull 106Laughing Gull 106

Day Before Dorian in Portuguese Cove  Portuguese Cove 10Portuguese Cove 10 Portuguese Cove 11Portuguese Cove 11 Portuguese Cove 12Portuguese Cove 12

The Day After Dorian in Portuguese Cove  Portuguese Cove Beach Hut 10Portuguese Cove Beach Hut 10

Sambro Island and Light  Sambro Island after Dorian 10Sambro Island after Dorian 10 Sambro Island after Dorian 11Sambro Island after Dorian 11 Sambro Island after Dorian 12Sambro Island after Dorian 12

Sanderling Sanderling 101Sanderling 101 Sanderling 102Sanderling 102

Semipalmated Plover Semipalmated Plover 100Semipalmated Plover 100 Semipalmated Plover 101Semipalmated Plover 101

Sanderling Semipalmated Sandpiper 102Semipalmated Sandpiper 102

Solitary Sandpiper Solitary Sandpiper 200Solitary Sandpiper 200

Whimbrel Whimbrel 20Whimbrel 20 Whimbrel 21Whimbrel 21