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Great Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, December 22, 2020

December 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

After giving up on photographing the Great Conjunction from Peggy's Cove Light due to the gale force wind I looked for another place out of the wind. The parking lot on the eastern side of the Sou'Wester  Restaurant was OK for a while until the Great Conjunction moved too low on the horizon. I relocated to the look-off at the Swiss Air Memorial and it was perfect. I didn't need my tripod since I could pile bean bags on my car's door sill, and I could stay warm (er).

The reason the Hubble Space Telescope is where it is and why observation sites are high on mountain tops is due to our atmosphere which diffracts and distorts light from stars and planets. Cameras compress all the dust, high cloud and ice crystals onto the frame of the photo further degrading the image.

Before Sunset at Peggy's Cove Light

Sunset at Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-105Sunset at Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-105 Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-100Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-100

The Great Conjunction the Day After the Closest Approach

I grew up and obtained my education in Vancouver and still consider it my home town although where Laura and I now live in Portuguese Cove is our longest stay in any home for both of our lives. I missed the closet approach of the Great Conjunction due to cloud and rain on December 22, 2020. Yes I know that you have to be a masochist to take up astrophotography in Nova Scotia. Interestingly, and I did check, Halifax gets more cloudy days than Vancouver.

The Great Conjunction of December 22, 2020

The Galilean Moons are from the top; Europa, Callisto and below Jupiter, Io and Ganymede

Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-101Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-101 Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-102Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-102 Saturn and Jupiter 2020-12-22-100Saturn and Jupiter 2020-12-22-100 Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-103Peggy's Cove 2020-12-22-103 Saturn and Jupiter 2020-12-22-101Saturn and Jupiter 2020-12-22-101